How to Unlock and Defeat Phantylia in Honkai: Star Rail

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Hoyoverse does it again bringing the heat during the final conflict against Phantylia, the newest Echoes of War battle in Honkai: Star Rail. Serving as the final obstacle for you to overcome in the current Xianzhou Luofu questline, this is another big hype moment in the game. And as per tradition, there are a lot of valuable, unique rewards here.

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The path to unlocking this battle is quite straightforward, but it can definitely take you a long time, so bring some popcorn for all of those dialogues. Here’s how to defeat Phantylia in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Unlock the Phantylia Battle in Honkai: Star Rail

Phantylia will be fought during the A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant Trailblaze Mission, the final main quest introduced in the 1.2 version. Phantylia can be quite unforgiving compared to the previous first encounters with Echoes of War bosses, so make sure you’re bringing your best characters to the fray. 

The path to her fight is quite easy, but you might face some difficulties in some encounters such as in the Master of the Sanctus Medicus fight or by solving the puzzle before her. But once you get there, be prepared with your best characters in this final faceoff. After defeating her in the story, she’ll be available for challenging weekly in the Scalegorge Waterscape similar to the other weekly Echoes of War bosses.

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How to Defeat Phantylia in Star Rail

Phantylia is weak to Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary, so bring characters that can help Break her quickly. The best healers for this fight are definitely Natasha and Luocha thanks to their cleaning abilities. Bailu can help Breaking her, but the lack of a debuff dispelling skill hurts her in this fight particularly.

For damage, Jing Yuan and Blade are probably the best choices, but bring some supports such as Welt, Bronya, or Yukong too as they can help with buffs/debuffs and breaking her faster. For 4-star options, Dan Heng and Arlan might do the trick if you can buff them enough.

If you have Silver Wolf, you can pair her with any of your other DPS (like Seele) to make Phantylia weak to other elements, so you can use pretty much anyone you want.

Phantylia has three phases, and she’s accompanied by her Phantom Flowers, which can heal her, steal Skill Points, and be a huge nuisance. Bring them down as soon as you can to inflict some vulnerability debuffs onto her, as well as recover some Skill Points. This is way more feasible during the first and second phases.

She starts hitting way harder in the second phase, but you get access to the Cloudhymn Roar attack from Dan Heng, similar to the robot from Cocolia. Use it to get rid of the adds as soon as possible by spamming any AoE skills you might have, and then keep Breaking her until she transitions.

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For the story version only, you can use a powerful trial Jing Yuan, but the battle will be over the moment he’s knocked out, so be careful. You might wanna watch especially for the Prana-Siphon debuff, which severely limits your max healing at the inflicted characters. It can be dispelled by characters such as Natasha or Luocha with their skills.

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Things get even more complicated in the third phase, where she gets multiple extra turns in sequence. The good part is that your Dan Heng gauge will fill quicker, so you can use him to bring her down. Keep pressing the attack and she’ll be down in no time.

After beating her for the first time, you can rematch her as an Echoes of War stage each week, as well as concluding the Trailblaze Mission A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant, which awards you with various prizes, including the missing Fire Trailblazer Eidolon. And if you haven’t gotten all of them yet, you should definitely get them as they’re quite powerful.

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