How to Get Reserved Trailblaze Power in Honkai: Star Rail

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Star Rail Reserved Trailblaze Power

Update 1.3 for Honkai: Star Rail marks a huge win for players as the 180 Trailblaze Power limit was finally increased to 240. Not only that, we also get access to a system similar to the one present in Genshin Impact: Reserved Trailblaze Power, which makes any extra Power we get when we’re capped not go to waste. Here’s all you need to know about it.

How to Make Reserved Trailblaze Power in Honkai: Star Rail

Unlike Genshin Impact’s Condensed Resin, Reserved Trailblaze Power is acquired automatically as soon as you reach your cap of 240 Power. One point of Reserved Power will be formed every 18 minutes, to a maximum cap of 2400. You get up to 80 Reserved Traiblaze Power per 24 hours you haven’t spent your regular Power.

Reaching the cap for Reserver Power would require 30 days without touching the game. If you’ve been away for such a long time, chances are that you are probably taking a break from the game. But thanks to all of that reserved extra energy, you won’t feel like you’re just too far behind in content.

Star Rail Reserved Trailblaze Power Amount
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You cannot reserve your Trailblaze Power manually in any way, so if you want to optimize your available power, you still need to log in from time to time. But thanks to the cap increase, you’ll probably be fine if you log in once per day to spend your power regularly. 

Should You Let Your Trailblaze Power Accumulate?

If you’re feeling burned out from the game, letting your power accumulate for a while is definitely the best choice to make. You don’t need to force yourself to play the game every day, and you can still catch up using your base Trailblaze + some of your reserves. 

But if you’re still actively playing the game daily, there’s no need to let it accumulate. Unless in cases where you can’t avoid it (like if you’re traveling, for example), it’s consistently more effective to spend it as soon as you can.

The regular Trailblaze regeneration time is still 1 per 6 minutes as opposed to Reserved’s 1 per 18 minutes, so spend it as you normally do, now with an increased cap. There are plenty of resources you need to get in this game, so farming them as soon as possible is always a good call.

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