All Amnesia: The Bunker Achievements Listed

The achievements are very interesting, to say the least.

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Amnesia: The Bunker has many achievements that you can unlock as you explore the Bunker, and game completionists will definitely have a field day with 100% completion of this title. Here are all the achievements in Amnesia: The Bunker.

How Many Achievements Are There in Amnesia: The Bunker?

Some achievements are pretty straightforward, while some are not very obvious and will lead you to experience the unexpected. Kudos to Frictional Games for paying so much attention to detail!

There are 44 achievements in Amnesia: The Bunker. I will provide you with the name of the achievement (in no specific order) and, later, a tip on how to unlock it.

Spoilers Ahead

Spoilers ahead: you have been warned ahead of time.

October 2023 Update: Two new achievements are added along with the Halloween Patch!

Complete List of Every Achievement in Amnesia: The Bunker

Here are all of the achievements in Amnesia: The Bunker:

  • “Get Introduced” – Survive the first encounter with the Beast.
  • “Gave the All Clear” – Released the Emergency Lockdown.
  • “Cut it Off” – Block the Beast’s path out of a hole.
  • “Chemical Weapon Expert” – Used gas on the Beast.
  • “Easy Breather” – Acquired the Gas Mask.
  • “Trickster” – Hurt the Beast by triggering a trap.
  • “Pit Master” – Burnt a corpse to a nice char.
  • “Flint and Steel” – Acquire a Lighter.
  • “Memorialist” – Retrieved the Foreman’s Dog Tag.
  • “Explosives Technician” – Found the Detonator Handle.
  • “Toy Collector” – Acquired the rabbit doll.
  • “Improviser” – Blew open a door with a shotgun.
  • “Scarper” – Escaped the Bunker.
  • “Napoo” – Finished the game.
  • “Arsonist” – Lit up a fuel puddle.
  • “Sentimentalist” – Showed the beast the bunny.
  • “Beast Master” – Sent the beast back into the screaming darkness.
  • “Pack Rat” – Found all Pocket Bags.
  • “Cartographer” – Found all Maps.
  • “The Ratter” – Blast a Rat with a Shotgun.
  • “Codebreaker” – Opened all the Lockers.
  • “Shell Shocked” – Shot at the Visions in the Tunnels.
  • “Enlisted” – Found the Administrator’s Office.
  • “Signalman” – Heard the message on the radio.
  • “Toolist” – Found the Cutters.
  • “Munitions Expert” – Found the Dynamite.
  • “Chaplain” – Discovered the Beast’s nest in the chapel.
  • “Canonnier” – Acquired the Shotgun.
  • “Saboteur” – Blew up a door with a barrel.
  • “Culinary Specialist” – Used meat to lure the rats away from a corpse.
  • “Croix de Guerre” – Collected all the other achievements
  • “Extreme Ratter” – Blew up lots of rats with a single grenade.
  • “Tinkerer” – Disarmed a Trap.
  • “Nope, c’est trop!” – Quit the game right as things got interesting.
  • “Life Preserver” – Got the Cutters and locked the cell again without the German Prisoner dying.
  • “Cleithtrophobist” – Opened every Vent and cut every Chain.
  • “Toy Fanatic” – Re-acquired the Rabbit Doll.
  • “Toot Sweet” – Completed the game faster than all Developers at Frictional.
  • “Got It In One” – Completed the game without saving.
  • “Librarian” – Retrieved every note.
  • “Efficiency Expert” – Never dropped or stored an item.
  • “Roastmaster” – Burnt a lot of dead bodies.
  • “Revisionist” – Completed the game on a custom difficulty level.
  • “In Recovery” – Completed the game on Shell Shock difficulty.

That’s all the achievements in Amnesia: The Bunker. Make sure to check out the Halloween Update Patch Notes and other Amnesia: The Bunker guides at Prima Games by clicking on the game tag below.

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