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All Achievements and How to Unlock Them in Killer Klowns From Outer Space

A selection of Killer achievements for your profile!

Do you consider yourself an achievement hunter? Whether you’re actively seeking out every achievement in each game you play or you just enjoy unlocking a few here or there, it’s nice to have a list in front of you with unlock descriptions to help. Here are all of the achievements in Killer Klowns From Outer Space, along with how to unlock each one!

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Every Achievement in Killer Klowns From Outer Space (And How to Unlock Each One)

I’m not much of an achievement hunter, but I must admit, it’s incredibly satisfying playing the game as intended as watching a new achievement notification pop up on my screen. If you’re the same, then here’s what you have to work towards:

AchievementUnlock Method
The Klowns Have Landed!Play your first match
Humanity Shall Thrive!Win 10 matches as a Human
The Lackeys are LackingKill 30 Lackeys
Boomstick BamboozleKill a Klown with a Shotgun
Karnival ChicEquip an unlocked cosmetic to your Klown
Dress to ImpressEquip one unlockable cosmetic for your Human
Hand of FateGift another player an item as a spectator
Killer Klown of DoomAs a Klown, get a Victory without getting killed
Round ’em UpCreate 3 Human Cocoons in a single match
Tag TeamAttack a Human that is being grabbed by a Lackey
Sticky ProtectionFully cover a Human escape interaction with cotton candy
Early BirdBe the first Klown to hook up a cocoon in the match
Clutch PerformanceBe the last Human alive and trigger the resurrection machine
Cocoon HaulerFully upgrade a Lackey generator by yourself
Cutting it CloseFree another Human from a Cocoon that is hooked to a Lackey Generator
Drop the…Cocoon!Shoot a Klown carrying a cocoon with a firearm
Escape ArtistEscape invasions 25 times
I’ve Got Your BackAs a Human, knock a Lackey off of another Human
Hi!…Bye!Escape the invasion after being resurrected
Humanity’s FinestGet a “Perfect Human Victory”
HurlerHit a Human with a thrown cocoon
IntruderBreak down a locked door
The Invasion’s Just Getting StartedReach level 15
Karnival ChampionReach level 50
Killer KlowntalityPerform a Klowntality on a downed Human
Kill ’em With KlownnessTrigger Klownpocalypse early
KlowntastrophicWin 10 matches as a Klown
Klown SupremeGet a “Perfect Klown Victory”
Nice Try!Kill or coon a human nearby an open escape
I’m Not Klownin’ AroundKill your first Klown
Not Your Normal MixtapeFind your first lore tape
Peekaboo!Find a human in a hiding spot
Popcorn TrackerKill a Human that is covered in popcorn
Quit Lyin’ Around!Free 3 Humans from cocoons in a single match
Rise or DieEscape with another human in the same boat
Savin’ em for LaterHook up 20 cocoons to Lackey Generators
SelflessOpen the portal and allow 3 Humans to escape in the same match
Silica SlayerAs a Klown, smash 30 windows
Strike!Hit a Klown on the nose with a thrown baseball
A Sweet EscapeEscape the map with the help of the Terenzi Brothers
Sweet ReleaseEscape from a cocoon twice in a single match
Sweet RevengeKill the Human that previously popped your nose
The OperatorReach level 100
Thrill of the KillKill 100 Humans
What’re Ya Gonna Do?As a Brawler, knock a Human’s block off using the boxing gloves
Close ShaveEscape the invasion as the Klownpocalypse explosion is expanding
Easy In. Easy OutEscape a map in under 5 minutes
Like a Ghost in the WindEscape the invasion without taking any damage and without getting cocoon

In total, there are 48 achievements in the game, with only a few secret achievements to unlock. You shouldn’t have trouble unlocking each one through normal gameplay means. The most challenging is likely hitting level 100, which will take time.

As you progress through the game, challenges will help you not only unlock achievements but also new cosmetics to customize your characters!

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