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All A Thousand Nights (I) Pages Locations in Genshin Impact

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by Patrick Souza
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The Desert of Hadramaveth hides many treasures, secrets, and even hidden stories for Genshin Impact. It even has a whole hidden book with the A Thousand Nights series. Each of its chapters is scattered around the red sands on 10 different torn pages, which can take you a while to find. To start your collection, here’s where you can find all pages for A Thousand Nights chapter I.

All A Thousand Nights (I) Pages Locations in Genshin Impact

You may stumble at them anytime while exploring the desert, and there’s no correct order to grab them. But you might wanna wait until completing the World Quests here as many pages are hidden behind areas only accessible with the Jinni in the Magic Bottle gadget obtained in the Dirge of Bilqis questline.

A Thousand Nights I Pages 1
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1 – Next to a few Eremites, gazing directly at the four elemental pillars puzzle.

2 – At the side of one of the chests needed for the puzzle of the aforementioned pillars.

3 – Same situation as the previous one. Lots of pages close to one another.

4 – Drop directly to your left after reaching the Shrine of Depths to find it along with a treasure and Eremites.

A Thousand Nights I Pages 2
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5 – Use the teleport at its left to reach it. Just the usual Eremites and Sumpter Beasts to bother with.

6 The only underground page in this list. Take the underground teleport and turn back until you see some grappling hooks. Keep using them until you see the page next to a cube device.

7 – Next to the fire torch and some silly enemies.

8 – Solve the barrier puzzle to reach the page. You can use characters like Sucrose or Heizou to hit the pillars from behind the invisible walls.

9 – Found in a Fatui camp nearby the Old Vanarana entrance.

A Thousand Nights I Pages 3
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10 – Use the nearby teleport and start climbing next to the underground cave entrance to make it simpler.

After finding all 10 pages, open your Inventory in the Quest tab to use all 10 to craft the first chapter of this lengthy book. This desert area also contains the pages for chapters II and III, while chapters IV to VI can be found in the Hypostyle Desert area.

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