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Alien: Isolation – Collect all 151 Archive Logs, Voices of Sevastopol Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

Beat the game with Prima’s Alien: Isolation walkthrough!

Alien: Isolation is full of scary run for your life moments, along with plenty of cool things to find. Throughout the many terminals and tape recorders scattered across the station and surrounding areas, there are 151 Archive Logs just waiting to share their stories. We’ve taken the liberty of digging our way through the vents and tunnels to bring you this complete guide to find all 151 of these juicy story-filled collectibles.

Mission 1: Closing the Book

There are three Archive Logs in Mission 1. 

001 Just Missed You – The first Archive Log you’ll find is in the computer terminal in the dressing room.

002 RE: Nostromo Incident; 003 Torrens Manifest – The final two Archive Logs of this mission are found in the Dining Room where Ripley first speaks with Taylor aboard the Torrens. Look out for the Link Terminal located in one of the small alcoves along the wall and interact with the computer to find the logs inside.

Mission 2: Welcome to Sevastopol

004 Decommissioning – The first Archive Log you’ll find in this mission is located in the Sevastolink Terminal just inside the room past the flaming pipe.

005 Moved Out Stash; 006 Goodbye From Seegson; 007 Kill the Power – The next three logs you’ll need to pick up are located on the computer inside the center booth, the same computer you used to restore the power to the shutter in Departures.

008 Terminal Riot – Now head into the storeroom that unlocks after you restore the power. You should see the tape recorder on the counter. Listen to it to unlock the log.

009 Pulling the Plug; 010 To All Spaceflight Employees; 011 What is Apollo? – While still in the storeroom, look around until you spot the Sevastolink Terminal off to the left of where you grabbed the tape from. Access this computer to grab the next three logs before continuing.

012 Last Coupling Power – Once you reach the room with the large door and the number 42 on it, look around near the body bags until you spot the cart with the tape recorder resting on top.

013 Another Break-in – When you’re looking at the large door marked with the number 42, turn to your left and head up the stairs, following them and crossing through the unlocked door at the top. You’ll find the next Archive Log in the tape recorder near the middle of the far wall of this control room.

014 Dead Soldiers – Now continue on your mission until you drop from the vent and find the dead man with the Maintenance Jack. Snag the tape recorder next to him to grab the next Archive Log.

015 Heyst – Once you unlock the room where you found Watson’s corpse, head down the hallway and open the locked door with your Maintenance Jack. Head inside and grab the next collectible off the table.

016 A Blind Eye; 017 Two-Man Rule; 018 Inventory – The final three Archive Logs found on this mission are located on the Sevastolink Terminal within the corridor where you have to use the Two-button machine with Axel.

Mission 3: Encounters

019 Leave Work Now – The first log of this mission is found at the desk in the center of the room where you find the Security Access Tuner.

020 Empty Box – Once you have the Data Core in your Access Tuner, head down the hallway just outside of Archives towards System Monitoring. Halfway down the hall, open the door on your right and enter the small meeting room to find a tape recorder on the back corner of the desk.

021 Archives, 022 An Outpost of Progress? #1 – The final two archives found on this mission are located on the Sevastolink Terminal just inside the room where you disable the alarm system and meet the Alien for the first time.

Mission 4: Seegson Communications

023 Door Overdrive; 024 Our Manifesto; 025 Tomorrow, Together #1; 026 Please Understand – The first four Archive Logs found in Mission 4 are located on the Sevastolink Terminal inside the room where Ripley finds the Motion Tracker.

029 Your Logged Message; 030 Apollo’s Eye – Once you watch a Walking Joe bash a human’s head in, head out of the vent and into the room where you need to disable the camera. You’ll find the next two logs on the terminal near the camera switch.

031 Torren’s Hail; 032 Torren’s Damage; 033 RE: Torren’s Hail – Once you interact with the External Comms Link head back down the hallway directly behind you and enter the room to find a Sevastolink Terminal with 3 more logs.

034 Receipt of Transmission – After deactivating the block on Samuel’s communications, head into the room in the left hand corner of the room when you’re looking at the main console where you just used your Access Tuner. Enter through the door on the left hand side of the room and use the terminal to the left to grab the next log.

027 Call Log AM; 028 Call Log PM – Once you return to the first area of the mission and you’re tasked with escaping the androids, head right into the large control room directly down the hall from the room you grabbed the Motion Tracker from. Follow the right wall and pass through the doorway marked Synthetic Storage to find the last two logs of this mission on the terminal on the desk to your right.

Mission 5: The Quarantine

038 Left out of the Loop – Head into the Day Room and grab this Archive Log from the tape recorder on the table directly in front of you.

035 Low on Meds; 036 Hospital Quarantine; 037 An Outpost of Progress? #3 – All three of these Archive Logs are found on the computer in Dr. Marlow’s office.

039 RE: Recovery Rooms; 040 Medical Record 1 – When looking for Dr. Marlow, head around the area to room A-29. Ignore the room, instead heading through the doors directly across from it and grabbing the last two logs of this mission from the terminal on the desk before you.

Mission 6: The Outbreak

042 Urgent: Marshal Investigation; 043 Enviromental Controls – Once you pull the Stun Baton out of the door, head into the room and access the Sevastolink Terminal in the middle of the desk to grab these two logs.

044 Dispensary is Empty – You’ll find the next log on the same computer with Dr. Lingard’s video report.

045 Colonial Marshal Directive; 046 Morley: Updates and Codes; 047 San Cristobal Lockdown; 048 An Old Friend – The next batch of Archive logs will be found on the Sevastolink Terminal in the Security Desk area next to your mission objective.

051 Human Touch; 052 Duty Roster; 053 Medical Record 2; 054 Medical Record 3; 055 The Incident – Once you enter the next area of the mission, head down the right-most hallway and follow the corridor around to the Emergency Room. Once you enter the Emergency Room, turn to your right and spot the Sevastolink Terminal on the cart nearby, using it to grab these five Archive logs.

049 Autopsy Report; 050 Tape off the Scene – The next two are found on the terminal in the Operating Theater, the same room where you find the Trauma Kit.

130 Let me be a Friend to You – After the explosive cut scene with the Alien, head to the back of the room and hug the left side wall. Turn left into Dental Surgery and grab the tape recorder off the counter at the back.

Mission 7: Seegson Synthetics

056 Wy are Years Ahead; 057 Your Report – Head through the area from the start point, and once you reach the area with the humans, make your way around the room and up the ladder at the back. From here, follow the u-shaped hallway until you see an open office on your right. Enter and interact with the Sevastolink Terminal to grab the first two Archive Logs of this mission.

058 Working Joe Spiel; 059 Storage Inventory – Follow the u-shaped hallway you used before around until you spot another open office on the right. This one includes a Save Station, so it would seem players are encouraged to come this way. Use the terminal to grab the next two logs.

060 Tomorrow, Together #2; 061 VIP Visit – Follow your mission objective until you reach the white corridor with automatic lights. Head forward and turn left into the dark corridor just before the ladder. There is a Sevastolink Terminal at the end on the desk where you can find this small batch of Archive Logs.

062 Requisitions Android; 063 Elevator Out; 065 Last Bidders – After climbing the ladder and restoring power to the Requisitions area, head out of the control room and hack the door to the right of the ladder. Interact with the terminal on the desk inside to grab these three logs.

064 Synthetic Engineer Request – Near the end of the mission, once you reach the room with the floating panels, head up the ladder and through the Facility Administration door on your right. Hug the wall until you spot an office on the right with a Save Station and use the Sevastolink Terminal here to have Ripley pick up the last Archive log of this mission.

Mission 8: Haven

067 Restart Transit; 068 Double Crossed – After restarting the transit and killing the Android in the Transit Control Room, head into the room with the bloody corpse and use the nearby terminal to grab the first two Archive Logs in this mission.

069 We Need Supplies – Once you climb down the ladder in the ventilation shaft from the Transit Control Room above, exit the vent and look to your right. Grab the tape recorder on the desk to snag the final Archive Log of this mission.

Mission 10: The Trap

070 First Trap Gone; 071 Arrest Sheets – Immediately after Ripley gets the Flamethrower, head out of the room and to the left. Move to the center door and then up the short ramp inside. You’ll find these first two Archive Logs on the Sevastolink Terminal to your right.

103 Impounded; 104 Some kind of Parasite – Head back to main area of the Marshal HQ and into the room where Taylor is laying across a table. You’ll find these two logs on the terminal just to your right.

102 Retirement Plan – While still in the room with Taylor, step back from the Sevastolink Terminal and look to your left. You should see a tape recorder on the table in front of you.

073 Pointless Requests; 074 Hardware Problems; 075 An Outpost of Progress? #4 – The next three Archive logs are found on the same terminal you have to use for the Door Control objective when traveling to the Server Hub.

079 Security Shutters; 080 The Camp – Once you reach the top of the stairs, pass through the door marked Tech Support and Seegson Security. Enter the room and move forward before turning left. You should see the Sevastolink Terminal you need to access in the corner.

076 I can’t tell who escaped – Make a 180 degree turn from the terminal you just used to grab the last two Archive Logs. As you move forward towards the Lockdown Switch, you should see the tape recorder on the stacked crates near the two wires running along the floor.

081 A Warning; 082 Truce – Head into Seegson Security and turn to your right. Interact with the Sevastolink Terminal on the desk to grab the next two logs.

077 Taken; 078 Scavenging – Head up to the top of the stairs while following your mission objective. Once you enter the unmarked door at the top landing, turn to your right and head up the smaller set of stairs to find a terminal with your next two collectibles tucked away in the darkened corner here.

083 Hacked; 084 Transmission Relay Archive; 085 folder code – Once you reach the Mainframe Systems area and your objective is to Activate Ricardo’s Override Command, access the terminal on the front desk and grab the Archive Logs before initiating the lockdown.

087 Seegson Funding; 088 Maintenance Systems – Once you pick up the Cutting Torch, head into the adjacent room and around the table to the left. You should see the green glow of the terminal you need to access to grab these two collectibles.

086 Surplus to Requirements – Head out the doorway to the right of the last terminal you used to grab Archive Logs 087 and 088. Follow the hallway around and use the Sevastolink Terminal on the desk in the room with the shelves to grab the next log before using the Distribution Systems command to progress the story.

091 Sit tight; 094 Gemini Shutdown – Once you reach the Upper Floor of the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions and your objective is to Restore Access to Distribution, head down the hallway at the front of the ladder and into the room on the right at the far end. Immediately turn to the right to enter another room and use the terminal on the leftmost desk to grab these two logs.

089 What is KG348?; 090 Gemini Exoplanet Solutions Manifesto – Once you activate the Breaker in the Manufacture and Distribution area of Gemini Exoplanet Solutions, head out of this room and down the hall to the left. You should see a door on the right requiring the Cutting Torch, so go ahead and open this door and head inside. Follow the corridor around and use the terminal on the right to grab these collectibles.

093 Clarke is Dead – Once your objective has updated to Access the Project KG348 Research Labs, head down the stairs from the save point and turn to your right. Head into Decontamination and follow the corridor, turning left into the Galley. You should spot the Sevastolink Terminal to your right. Access it and grab this Archive Log before continuing.

092 Samples – Head out of the Decontamination area and towards the large door at the far end of the corridor. As you reach the door, turn left and use your Keycard to open the door. Move inside and immediately turn to the left desk by the window and grab the tape recorder off it to finish collecting this mission’s Archive Logs.

149 Transit Office Code – Sadly we don’t have very much description for this Archive log as it is found randomly throughout the missions when Ripley warns fellow human survivors about the Alien. The easiest way to find it is to try to speak with every human survivor you find throughout the Alien-filled levels.

Mission 11: Hazard Containment

095 No Future – Once you reach the bar area with the Save Station, head around the room to the far end and grab the tape recorder off the short table to get this missions collectibles started.

100 Help; 101 Low Profile – Once you reach the Galleria Upper Concourse of Solomons Habitation Tower, head into the Bunk House Hotel to find a Sevastolink Terminal to the left of the Save Station. Grab the two Archive Logs here before moving on.

096 What are Your Plans?; 097 Security Risk; 098 To all Sevastopol Inhabitants; 099 People are Scared – The final group of Archive Logs for this mission are found on the lower level of the area. Once you reach the long hallway littered with boxes and crates, turn left at the stairs and ignore the door that leads to your objective. Move through the maze of boxes and use the lever on the door to your right. Inside you’ll find a terminal with the last four logs of this mission.

NOTE: You should now have the Voices of Sevastopol Trophy. However, we figured we might as well show you where ALL of the Archive Logs are located. Continue on if you haven’t received the trophy for some reason, or if you just want extra bragging rights!

Mission 12: Synthetic Solution 

105 Smythe Read This; 106 An Outpost of Progress? #2 – After climbing the ladder to the Upper Labs of Seegson Synthetics, move forward and use the terminal behind the desk to access these two logs.

107 Reformat Chamber; 108 Investigations – The next group of collectibles are found inside Seegson Synthetics Administration. Head into Synthetic Reclamation and use the terminal at the desk on the left to grab these Archive Logs before moving on. 

109 RE: Plan Tonight; 110 Last Chance; 111 Showroom Appointments – Once you reach the Showroom, head to the main desk and use the terminal there to snag these collectibles before progressing through the story.

112 RE: Smythe Read this; 113 Holding Out – Once you enter the room with the scattered items all over (items like EMP Mines, Pipe Bombs etc.), head to the terminal at the desk in the back to grab these two Archive logs.

114 White on Red – Once you reach the Save Station just outside of the Implant Ward, look to the right of the hallway leading inside and grab the tape recorder off the stacked crates to finish up this mission’s collectibles.

Mission 13: Consultation

115 Tomorrow, Together #3; 116 Hazard Containment – Upon exiting the transit car, head into the Secuirty Room on the left and use the Sevastopol Terminal here to grab the first two Archive Logs of Mission 13.

150 Code on Blueprint – The next log is pretty easy to grab. Simply look at the circled code on the Apollo Blueprints to nab it and move on.

117 Apollo Sales One Sheet – After entering the glass corridor using the passcode, head to your left past the Save Station. Follow the corridor down and take the far left door and use the terminal directly in front of you.

118 Something up with Your Synthetics – This next Archive Log is found to the right of the central Save Station in the entry corridor to Apollo. Pass through the blue door and then turn left, following until you turn right into the room with your mission objective. Grab the tape recorder off the dashboard to the right of the console you need to hack.

119 Hazard Containment Alert; 120 Sold! – Once you drop from the vent into the room with the save point, head through the door marked Right Hemisphere Server and enter the first door on your right hand side. Turning left directly inside this room should allow you to spot the terminal you need to use in the corner.

122 Twisted in the Wind – Head into the Left Hemisphere Server now and follow the hallway through the gas (make sure you have the gas mask). Once you reach the room with all the servers, head to the back of the room and look for the small adjacent room with the accessible Sevastolink Terminal.

123 They’re at the Door – From the previous terminal, exit the room and turn right, moving into the Monitoring Control Plant. Follow the hallway to your left and take the first or second door to your right. There is an enemy in this area, so you may want to enter from either door to play it safe. Grab the audio recorder off the table to collect the next audio log.

121 Keep Things Quiet; 124 Apollo Primary Interaction Log – The last two Archive Logs are found near the end of the mission. Climb down the ladder under Apollo once you’re ready to finish the mission. Directly in front of you at the bottom if the final terminal and set of collectibles you’ll grab for this mission.

Mission 14: The Descent

125 Missing Engineer – Head into the Reactor Coolant Plant and just behind the generator you should spot the first Archive Log in the form of a tape recorder on a crate.

129 Shutters Code; 128 I’m Coming to Find You; 127 Power Delivery – Head into Facility Management and turn into the door on your left. Head all the way through the room and into the adjacent room on the left. Use the Sevastolink Terminal on the desk to grab these logs. This is the same computer you use to open the shutters.

126 I Saw It – Move forward from the elevator that leads back to Engineering and grab the tape recorder on the crates in the small alcove to the left of the Central Reactor hallway. 

Mission 15: The Message

131 Feeling Lucky – Follow the corridor from Ripley’s starting point on the Anesidora. Keep an eye out for the tape recorder on top of a crate along the hallway.

134 Technician’s Report; 133 Approaching Sevastopol; 132 Signal Detected – Pass through the first door on the right as you follow the corridors of the Anesidora and then follow the hallway all the way to the last room on the left. Enter it and use the terminal on the desk to grab this group of collectibles.

136 Anesidora’s Hall; 135 Sevastopol – The final two Archive Logs on this mission are located on the terminal just to the right or left (depending on which way you’re coming from) once you enter the room with all the boxes and junk on the Anesidora.

Mission 16: Transmission

137 Journal Entry #340 – Look just to the left of the flaming Android near the Relay Facility corridor and use your Cutting Torch to get through cover. Crawl inside the vent and follow the bloody trail to a corpse. Use the tape recorder directly on the crates in front of you to collect this Archive Log.


072 Remove of Transit – From the main lobby of Lorenz Systech Spire turn a 180 degree turn and head back into the transit area. Move through the debris here and through the opening on the right. You should see a door with a keypad with a vent just to the right of it. Crawl through the vent, immediately turning left at the bottom of the ladder. Exit the vent and interact with the terminal on the desk to grab this Archive Log. 

066 Cutting Ties – Head to SCIMED Tower and before entering the main area of San Cristobal Medical make a right turn. Head through this doorway until you see the small set of stairs and the receptionist booth on the right. Head up the stairs and make a u-like path to the right to find the tape recorder on the counter insider the booth, just to the left. 

041 Prep the Patients – For this next log you’ll need to head up to the Crisis Stabilization area. From here make a make your way through the area until you reach spot the Senior Consultant office and then turn left to enter the room where Dr. Kahlman was in an earlier mission. You’ll know you’re on track when you head up a set of stairs and through a door and see the tape recorder on the right hand corner of the back desk.

146 Goodbye – With your last log in play head over to Solomons Habitation Tower. From the Save Station in the transit station head up the right stairwell and through the door ahead. Now turn right and then make the first left you can that continues through the corridors. Follow this until you see the first large metal door on your right. Head inside, detouring up the metal ramp with all the fire around it. Now follow the hallway to the left, taking the first left turn you can make, followed by a right turn. Follow this corridor around until you reach the room with the Save Station. Take the elevator in to the Spaceflight Terminal and from there exit to the right. Follow the corridor into the first large room and then exit through the left door near the middle of the area. Make the next two left turns to find a door requiring your Cutting Torch. You’ll find this log in the tape recorder inside. 

151 Torrens Coordinates – The Final Archive Log of this mission is acquired when you use the Observation terminals to locate the coordinates of the Torrens. It is a requirement for the mission and impossible to miss.

Mission 17: Desolation

140 Bet on the Wrong House; 139 Tomorrow, Together #4; 138 Code for Repair Job – Grab these three Archive Logs from the Sevastolink Terminal just inside the door you had to use your Cutting Torch on to open. It is also the computer you’ll have to use to grab the code to the control room you use to restore the power.

141 Nowhere to Run – Once you restore the power to the transit area, head out and to the right. Use the lever on the door in the middle booth and kill the Facehugger before grabbing the tape recorder off the desk in the back corner.

143 Shut Out; 144 Last Stand – These two Archive Logs can be found using the Sevastolink Terminal inside the burning Canteen. You’ll need to use this terminal to get a passcode anyway, so knock out two Xenomorphs with one Molotov.

142 Sealed In – As you’re making your way to the Spaceflight Terminal (basically just chugging along and completing the mission), you’ll come across a body with a keycard in the Projector Room. You’ll need this keycard to progress in the mission, so just look directly to the left and snag the tape recorder by the puddle of blood.

145 Blood on my Hands – The final Archive Log of this mission is found on a bed inside the Living Area of the Upper Transit section of Lorenz Systech Spire. Just keep a look out for the air hockey tables and burning couch close to a Save Station. It isn’t very hard to locate, as you’ll need to have come to this room for mission purposes anyway. Move into the small room at the back right corner and grab the recorder off the bed. 

Mission 18: Tomorrow, Together

147 Stability Alert – After completing your mission objectives to Activate the Guidance Systems and Initiate the Docking Procedure, it’s time to head over to the bottom right area of this room and use the Sevastolink Terminal to Engage the Docking Clamp. Sure these are all mission objectives, but do not miss the Archive log on this last terminal!

148 Sevastopol Initialization – Following your mission objectives, you need to head upstairs to Extend the Personnel Umbilical. This terminal is located at the top of a flight of stairs at the back of the lower room. Take the stairs up and then move into the upper portion of the room and use the terminal in the center of the control console to progress your mission and grab the final Archive Log of the game.

Congratulations, player! Not only do you now have the Voices of Sevastopol Trophy/Achievement, but you’ve located every Archive Log you can find in the game. Give yourself a nice long clap of applause!

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