5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting God of War Ragnarok

Keep these handy, you'll need them.

God of War Ragnarok is the next tale in Kratos and Atreus’ journey through Norse mythology. This harrowing journey will take you all across the nine realms and pit you against dangerous foes. There are plenty of new and returning mechanics and plenty of things I wish I had known before playing God of War Ragnarok. So here are some tips and tricks I’d like to pass along to new players.

Don’t Forget About Resurrection Stones

This one might seem obvious, especially if you have played God of War 2018, but Ressurection Stones are key. It’s your one “get out of jail free” card in a fight. You can purchase them from Brok and Sindri anywhere you can upgrade and craft new weapons.

They cost 1500 Hacksilver and are a great resource to always have on you. However, the reason I bring them up is that you have to hit the square button when you go down. Otherwise, you won’t use it. The amount of times I die and forget to hit square, resulting in actual death, has been comical. Be vigilant, and hit your square button.

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Always Look Up

No, I don’t mean always looking up the answer; I mean physically looking up. God of War Ragnarok has far more verticality than the first game in 2018. Reaching a high ledge in a skirmish or shooting a hanging fire pot can turn the tide in a fight.

Keep an eye out for buckets that can be shot down for extra Hacksilver or raw materials. Make a habit of looking up and down as much as you look left to right. These environments hide many secrets.

Odin’s Ravens Are Trickier

Odin’s pesky little ravens are back and are more difficult to hit than ever. While some are just sitting there, minding their own business until you cleave them in twain with your Levithan Axe, many of the others will be flying around, making them very difficult to hit. You’ll need to line up your axe just right and watch the raven go around and around until you have the pattern down.

You can do it, but these ravens will require much practice.

There Is a Lock On

If you click in the right stick, you’ll lock on to an enemy. While most fights consist of more than one enemy, this is a great and quick way to get Atreus to fire his arrows at the target you want. It might seem obvious, but in the heat of battle, you often forget about simple mechanics.

Atreus and Kratos Have Separate Experiences on the Skill Tree

When spending your points on the skill tree, don’t be afraid to upgrade Atreus. You won’t be taking points away from Kratos and his upgrades to do this. It’s vital to upgrade both of them; equally, you’ll thank me later.

Those are five things I wish I had known before starting God of War Ragnarok. Be sure to check out all of our amazing tips, tricks, and guides. We have plenty of coverage on God of War Ragnarok, such as the best armor sets in the game.

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