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Grand Theft Auto V: Inside the Collector’s and Special Editions

by Prima Games Staff

When Grand Theft Auto V comes out in less than two weeks’ time, players everywhere will get quite a bit of value from plunking down $60 for the game. However, that isn’t their only option, as Rockstar has offered two special editions for the games, which come with an abundance of goodies.

You get to choose from the Special and Collector’s Editions, each of which provide plenty of extras for those who want to get deeper into the city of Los Santos. Of course, it’s optional, but fans will want to take full advantage of these.

Let’s break down each Edition and tell you what makes them so special.

Grand Theft Auto V: Special Edition ($79.99)

You get quite a bit for your extra $20. First, you get the game itself, obviously, whether you choose Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. In addition, you’ll get the following:

Collectible Steelbook Case – Most special edition packages come standard with these, but the Grand Theft Auto V one features custom artwork with the main characters, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. It’s a perfect fit for your game collection.

Blueprint Map – If you really want to know what Los Santos and the nearby Blaine County have to offer, this map will do wonders for you. You’ll be able to pinpoint a number of locations with ease, where you can pick up fast cash or see what other points in the city are worth visiting.

Special Ability Boost – For those who like to have power in Grand Theft Auto V, this is a must. Michael, Franklin and Trevor will each come with a special ability, though Rockstar hasn’t broken down just what those are yet. Using the Special Ability boost, you’ll be able to fill this meter 25 percent faster than normal, which will be useful when you try to complete missions.

Stunt Plane Trials – Like to fly? Good, because you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so with these exclusive Trials. You’ll find these races strewn throughout both Los Santos and Blaine County, where you can hop into a plane, fly through loops and show other pilots just what you’re made of.

Bonus Outfits, Tattoos and More — Along with their Special Ability boosts, Michael, Trevor and Franklin will have access to exclusive outfits, as well as character specific tattoos that they can pick up at certain parlors throughout the city. You’ll also be able to take advantage of special discounts offered through shopkeepers in both Los Santos and Blaine County.

Additional Weapons – Finally, let’s talk firepower – a lot of it. With the Special Edition, you’ll be able to pick up special weapons from merchants, including the Pistol .50, with improved firing range and reloading; the Bullpup Shotgun, which is perfect for close-range battles; and the melee Hammer, which will knock an enemy out cold.

Grand Theft Auto V: Collector’s Edition ($149.99)

If you want to go all out and put down an additional $80, you’ll get quite the ultimate Grand Theft Auto V package. This Collector’s Edition includes all the goods from the Special Edition, along with these bonus items:

Unique Weapons and Garage Property – Right off the bat, you’ll receive a garage to store your vehicles in, rather than needing to scavenge for one around the city. You’ll also receive a pair of sweet vehicles, in the form of a 1930’s Hotknife hotrod and a CarbonRS Sports Bike. These are speedy little numbers that will get you around the city in a hurry. Once Grand Theft Auto Online releases on October 1st, you’ll also have access to the Khamelion electric car.

Custom Characters for Grand Theft Auto Online – Though the game won’t launch until two weeks after GTA V’s release, it’ll still have plenty to offer in terms of custom characters. You’ll have access to a variety of characters from classic GTA games, including Tommy Vercetti from Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto V Security Deposit Bag With Logo Key – Like Grand Theft Auto IV before it, this edition comes with a lockbox-style item, in this case a special security deposit bag, where you can secure items with the help of a logo-embossed key. Featuring 10.75″ by 8.5″ dimensions, you can store some pretty good stuff in here. You can also put a card or something else in the framed ID window, so you can take the bag with you on your travels. 

Grand Theft Auto V New Era 9FIFTY Snapback Cap – Finally, if you want to show your Grand Theft Auto pride, this baseball cap is just what you need. Featuring the name “Los Santos” embroidered on the front, this all-black cap features a snapback closure for an adjustable fit, perfect for all shapes and sizes. It also comes with a Rockstar logo on the left side, and a Grand Theft Auto V logo on the right. 

Though most of them may be sold out by now, you should still be able to find one of these special editions when Grand Theft Auto V releases on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out our other features as well, including our favorite Grand Theft Auto characters and the best franchise tips.

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