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Grand Theft Auto V: 10 Things You Should Do

by Prima Games Staff

When it finally arrives tomorrow – and yes, it’s been a long time coming – Grand Theft Auto V will offer a brave new world for millions of gamers to tackle. Featuring miles of exploration-worthy terrain, three fresh new characters, and hours’ worth of missions, the game will be immeasurable when it comes to replay value…and we haven’t even gotten into the Online component yet, which is still two weeks away.

That said, we’ve seen a lot of media over the past few weeks – including trailers and screenshots – that give us an idea of exactly what we’re in for. We’ve gone ahead and put together a “bucket list” of ten things you must do when you pick up your copy of the game. It doesn’t matter what order you put them in – or even when you decide to do them. Just make sure you take part at some point, because you’re really in for something special. 

Let’s kick off the list! 

Play Wave Race, Grand Theft Auto Style

A number of racing events will be available in Grand Theft Auto V – and you can create your own if you feel intuitive enough – but one thing we can’t wait to do is hit the open water with friends. As you can see above, this particular racing event resembles the classic Nintendo 64 racing game Wave Race, complete with buoys to get around and no shortage of competition. Redoing it in Grand Theft Auto V – fully clothed, at that – would never get tiring. In fact, we already feel like proclaiming ourselves jet ski champions!

Jet Joyride

A lot of vehicles will be available to you throughout the game, but there’s one stop we’ll be making for sure – the local air strip, where we’ll have access to a fighter jet. Not only will this thing introduce the likelihood of aerial battles, but it’ll also provide us a way to do away with bothersome enemies from a distance, with the help of a few lock-on missiles. For that matter, we could easily clear up those pesky traffic jams.

Give the Dog Some Love

One memorable character in Grand Theft Auto V won’t be able to say anything – mainly because he’s your loyal dog, Chop. He mostly sticks with Franklin over the course of the game, and will ride along in cars and help chase down particular enemies if you treat him right. Make sure to take him with you wherever you go. Who knows? He might even find a female dog and, well, you can probably figure out the rest… 

Execute a Sky High Heist


There are a number of heists you can execute in Grand Theft Auto V, ranging from a typical store robbery to an armored car takeover. One that stands out, though, was originally featured in the gameplay trailer a few months back – the robbery atop a large tower. The three main heroes work together throughout the robbery, between pick-up, break-in and sniping from afar. If you can get your skills just right, completing this heist will be a thing of beauty. Just make sure you get all your guys out in one piece, okay?

Yoga…Yes, We’re Serious


With all the criminal activities that occur in Grand Theft Auto V, the stress must be pretty unimaginable. Fortunately, there’s a good way to mellow out, with some yoga. It’ll be interesting to try this activity without the benefit of a motion-based controller like the Kinect, just to see how it works with a controller. For that matter, from what we’ve seen in pre-release media, there are a number of, ahem, “sensual” positions that are sure to be worth a laugh. Give it a try if you feel the need to rest – and you probably might. 

We’re Dusting Crops, Boy


There’s something special about a biplane. While it isn’t as heavily armed as a fighter jet, there still remains a certain satisfaction about flying low to the ground and dropping a cloud of dust on unsuspecting citizens. With Grand Theft Auto V, you can do that – and even pull off a few barrel rolls for good measure. After it’s all done, you can jump out and send it sailing into a nearby neighborhood. Let’s see the Red Baron do that. 

Cruise Around On an ATV…In Our Underwear

Oh, Trevor, look what you’ve done. You have a trailer clip where you’re escaping the law in an ATV wearing only your skivvies, and now suddenly we feel the urge to do the same thing. It’s one thing to get the attention of the police and attempt to get away from them. It’s another when you’re nearly starkers, showing that you literally have very little to lose. Plus, after he escapes, he can hand out a few head butts instead of high fives. It’s a new way of greeting!

Create One Mother of a Train Wreck


Another Grand Theft Auto V trailer showcased Trevor riding atop a train, as it was sent careening into another train. He managed to escape in one piece – miraculously – and it got us thinking. What if we can recreate that level of carnage? Thankfully, we can, and the minute we spot a train in GTA V, we’re doing it for sure. The train car pile-up will be huge – and awesome, to say the least.

Diving Beneath Los Santos


For the first time in a Grand Theft Auto game, when you go swimming, you won’t be stuck just riding along the surface. You can slip on some scuba gear and go deep sea diving, seeing what secrets are lurking beneath the city streets of Los Santos. You might just come across some treasure – or maybe even some exquisite sea life. Let’s just hope you don’t run into any sharks or, worse yet, renegade divers who are looking for the same booty as you. We saw it first! 

Police Chases…All of Them

Finally, there’s nothing like being pursued…well, in the Grand Theft Auto universe, that is. When an armada of police are on your tail, the “thrill of the chase” clearly sticks with you. What’s more, when you manage to make a clean getaway – either concentrated or out of dumb luck – you feel better confidence in your character. Just be aware that not every chase will always end in your favor. It is the Los Santos police, after all.

Grand Theft Auto V releases tomorrow for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out our other features for the game, including our full Achievements/Trophies rundown and a breakdown of the online Social Club features!

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