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Grand Theft Auto 5: Trevor’s Best Moments

by Prima Games Staff

It can be argued that the best – and the worst – character in Grand Theft Auto 5 is Trevor, a completely sadistic character who has no problem speaking his mind and acting on it, even if it means the death of someone else. Trevor can go “off the rails” at any time, going on a rampage wearing only his underwear or performing a cold, calculated attack on someone merely to get it out of his system.

That makes him rather memorable, mainly because you don’t know exactly what he’s going to do next. One minute he’s smashing his own head into a wood grate; the next, he’s killing a room full of thugs just to show that he can do it.

Because of which, it was very hard selecting some of the most pivotal moments in GTA 5 for him, mainly because there are so many. Whether it’s his conversational style or his wanted level-raising actions, it’s quite difficult to pinpoint a certain few.

Still, we managed to do it, and you’re bound to agree that these moments stick with you over the course of the game. NOTE: spoilers ahead.

The Torture

Let’s be honest, no moment probably came uneasier in Grand Theft Auto 5 than when Trevor let loose with his divine torturing skills. He’s called upon by the FIB to kidnap Mr. K, a subject being held by the rival agency at IAA, using not one, not two, not three but four different tools to get the information out of him. The worst part? Before getting started, the subject insists he’ll tell Trevor everything – but that doesn’t stop him, and the tooth pulling begins.

It shows just how cold and calculative Trevor can really be when the moment calls for it, though we can’t help but think he gets a little enjoyment out of it. When it’s all over, even the strongest of gamers can’t help but feel a little shaken by everything that’s unfolded. Yet Trevor goes along his merry little way, moving on to the next score. It’s just how he works.

The End of Johnny K. – and the Lost MC

Johnny Klebitz is a character that found solid footing in Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as the spin-off The Lost and Damned, where he played the protagonist. In Grand Theft Auto 5, he makes a completely different impact.

Angry with Trevor over having sex with his girlfriend Ashley – whom he reunited with following Lost and Damned – Johnny makes the fatal mistake of confronting him over it. He picks the worst time to do it, as Trevor is already pre-occupied with the thought that his old buddy Michael survived the shoot-out from the opening sequence of the game. As a result, he simply loses it.

After the conversation quickly gets out of hand, Trevor knocks Johnny K. to the ground, then smashes his head in with his boot. After deviously holding a conversation with said boot when asked about Johnny, he leaves the scene, leaving Ashley weeping over his body.

The mess isn’t done yet. Trevor eventually tells the rest of the Lost MC about Johnny’s demise, then proceeds to wipe out most of them as a result, just to show he can do it.

It’s a nerve-rattling moment, especially if you’re a fan of Johnny from previous games. In the Grand Theft Auto universe, no one is safe.

The O’Neill Raid

When Trevor does business with someone, he demands its completion, no matter what the outcome. The guy has to make money, after all. So when he learns that the Triads don’t want to work with him following a meth lab assault, and instead turns to the O’Neill family, Trevor has no choice but to act.

In pure gung-ho style, he invades the O’Neill farm in a stunning raid, killing a majority of their family in senseless fashion, then walking away as if it was nothing, continuing his business with Michael. It leads to one of the game’s better action sequences, though one that may leave you a bit shaken if you’re not prepared for it.

Rule of thumb – if you start a deal with Trevor, you make sure you finish it.

Turning On a Dime

If you make Trevor angry, even if you have the closest attachment to him, chances are you’ll likely end up dead. Just ask Floyd and his girlfriend Debra.

Trevor makes a stop at their place midway through the game, and what starts as a normal – well, in Trevor’s case – conversation soon erupts into accusations. Soon enough, Floyd pulls a knife and Debra brandishes a loaded pistol, to which Trevor questions why they’re being so violent.

Fade to black. A second later, Trevor walks out of the apartment, with blood all over his shirt. As he makes his way downstairs, his cohort can’t help but notice the blood on the inside of the windows. Trevor barely says anything and sets on his merry little way.

It’s a moment that truly sticks with you, leaving you wondering just what happened inside that apartment…

Down To His Skivvies

We’ve seen enough of Trevor’s bad side – there’s a lot of it in this game – but let’s get to an enjoyable silly moment. At one point, he ends up running around in his underwear, and he can do anything, from opting to go into a strip club – where the bouncers don’t seem to mind his attire – to getting into a police chase, as highlighted in one of the game’s trailers.

Now, you may be wondering just how Trevor can be carrying around a shotgun and grenades while in his underwear, but never mind. It shows just how loony he gets, probably from all the meth he deals with. It’s just a nice way to kick back with him, although, if you prefer the action route, you can certainly take it.

Let’s Chat

Finally, since Trevor is nothing like anyone else in the game, it’s always fantastic to hear what he has to say next. Sure, he may demand sex from one person – like Johnny – or “sweet talk” someone into giving him a drink with as many expletives as possible, but the way he speaks without really thinking half the time is quite humorous. Even when he’s talking to his cohorts, you never know what he might say, happily agreeing with Michael one moment and screaming the next.

It’s this unpredictability that makes Trevor interesting to watch throughout, to the very end. Just be prepared for a shocker or two – that’s his way, after all.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out our Free Guide for full coverage on the game!

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