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Grand Theft Auto 5: The Merryweather Heist – Freighter Option

by Prima Games Staff

There’s a chance you’re having trouble with Grand Theft Auto 5’s The Merryweather Heist. If that’s the case, here is the best way to tackle the Freighter option.

Now see the Offshore option.

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Crew: Franklin, Michael and Trevor

Pre-Requisite Missions: Scouting the Port, Minisub

Trophy/Achievement – Subversive (Bronze/20)

100 percent Completion Requirements (Gold)

-Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.

-Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80 percent.

-Kill 12 enemies using stealth attacks.

-Find the container in 01:00.

-Get to the ship interior without being detected.

After the cut scene, you are in control of Trevor. Drive Franklin to the bridge, at which point he will exit the vehicle. Take control of Franklin and head to the vantage point. After another short cut scene, take out the two Merryweather guards. Try to take them both out with one shot to prevent either of them activating the alarm.

After taking out the two guards, you’re given control of Michael. There’s no opposition here, so plant the first sticky bomb on the bow pillar. Move Michael forward but don’t climb down the ladder. There’s a guard on patrol. Let him pass and Franklin will automatically neutralize him from the vantage point. Climb down the ladder but just sit tight; there are still more patrols in the area. Climb up the ladder right in front of you. This is to slow Michael down from moving too quickly.

Switch characters to Franklin and maintain control of him until you are forced back to Michael. Michael will automatically plant the sticky bombs; all you have to do is clear a path for him. Start working your way from right to left, sniping any guards you see. There are two things you need to watch out for here. If Michael is spotted or one of the guards finds a body, they’ll raise the alarm. If you receive an on-screen warning about the alarm being raised, find the troublesome guard and take him down quickly.

While Michael is busy planting the second bomb, take down as many guards as you can. Continue to work from right to left. The guards will patrol from the north side to the south side of the boat, so just because you don’t see them now, doesn’t mean they aren’t on the way.

After Michael plants the third bomb, he’ll head inside the ship to plant the fourth. At this point, Merryweather is alerted to your location. You’ll have two SUV’s containing a total of eight guards to take down. They don’t appear on the ship, but rather in the parking lot below. Try to hit at least one of the guards as the vehicles stop, but before they get out. Headshots are good, but a kill is a kill, so your first priority is to make sure you don’t miss.

After taking the eight guards in the SUV’s down, you’re confronted by a helicopter. Don’t shoot it right away. Let the helicopter move around. Keep your scope on it, and when he begins to hover, take the pilot out with your rifle.

Once the helicopter is down, Michael will emerge from the top floor. There is a guard who chases after him and another who will be directly in front of him. Take out the guard chasing him first, then deal with the second. Immediately turn your focus to the far left on the deck level of the ship. Two guards will come from around the corner. Take them both down. Move your scope to the right. There will be two more guards in front of Michael. Take them both down and enjoy the short-lived break in the form of a cut scene. As soon as you regain control of Franklin, open your phone to the contacts and choose the Detonate option. This will set off the four bombs, sinking the ship.

After another cut scene, you take control of Michael. The device isn’t far from your location. Swim towards the signal on your radar and the wreckage of the ship. The device is sitting on the bottom of the ocean and isn’t too hard to find. Once you locate it, Michael’s work is done.

You’ll automatically receive control of Trevor, who is piloting the Submersible. If you’re using the PS3, use the X button (A for the Xbox 360) to dive and the Square button (X for the Xbox 360) to surface. Head towards the green blip on your radar and simply hover over the device. If you don’t pick it up, use the dive button to lower the Submersible until you’re almost touching it.

Once you’ve collected the device, pilot the Submersible around the dock to the green blip on your radar. Once you get there, a final cut scene plays and the heist is complete. Enjoy the rewards.

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