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Grand Theft Auto 5: The Jewel Store Heist – The Loud Approach

by Prima Games Staff

When it comes to heist missions in Grand Theft Auto 5, you have two options: the smart approach, and the loud approach. For this walkthrough, we teach you how to master the Jewel Store heist with the loud approach, complete with an in-depth video.

Now check out the smart approach.

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Crew: Eddie Toh (Driver), Gustavo Mota (Gunman), Paige Harris (Hacker)

Pre-Requisite Missions: Casing the Jewel Store, Carbine Rifles

100 percent Completion Requirements (Gold)

-Steal the jewelry within 00:50

-Protect Franklin during the LS River chase

-Steal the jewelry from all 20 glass cabinets

By completing this heist you will earn the Diamond Hard trophy/achievement.

After traveling to Lester’s location (indicated by the H on your map), watch the cut scene. When you regain control of your character, you’re playing as Franklin. Enjoy a nice, leisurely drive to the heist by following the GPS to the green marker.

Once you arrive, there’s a brief cut scene before you take control of Michael. Pay close attention to the dots on your mini map. Each one represents jewels you can steal. If you chose Paige as your hacker, she lets you know you have 90 seconds before the alarm resets itself. Gathering all of them within 50 seconds is one of the requirements to 100 percent completion of this heist. Smash the glass cases by pressing circle for the PS3 or B for the Xbox 360. Collecting the jewelry from all 20 cabinets is another requirement for 100 percent heist completion. Once you gather all the jewels, head out of the jewelry store for another brief cut scene before switching back to Franklin.

The getaway is easily the most difficult part of this heist but is still very manageable. Drive quickly, of course, but put the priority on not crashing and following the correct route. Follow the two bikes ahead of you. This will be the remaining two crew members you hired. If you hired Eddie Toh and Gustavo Mota, everything should go off without a hitch. If you hired a cheaper driver, then the quality of bikes you use is reduced. After you drop off the bridge and onto the freeway, don’t be afraid to slow down to make the tunnel entrance. If you went with the cheaper gunman, he’ll crash, dropping a portion of the score. Once you’re in the tunnel, try to keep up with the other two crew members, but again, slow down a bit if you are having trouble making the turns. As you near the tunnel exit, Paige will notify you that the plan hasn’t worked and the cops are waiting for you at the LS River.

Once you exit the tunnel, you immediately switch back to Michael, who is driving a large Pop’s Pills truck. Follow the bikes and ram any cop cars that approach. Do it quickly in order to protect Franklin and complete the third requirement to getting 100 percent heist completion. Once you disable the last cop car a quick cut scene will show the three bikes (or two, depending on the crew you hired) loading into the truck. Drive back to the lockup to meet up with Lester and complete the mission.

By following our instructions, Michael should receive in excess of $750,000, while Franklin should receive just shy of $300,000.

Notice in our run through that we only managed the silver completion at 84%. Can you do better?

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