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Grand Theft Auto 5: How to Get Free Vehicle Mods

by Prima Games Staff

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Grand Theft Auto 5 allows players to purchase or steal dozens of vehicles and then modify them to their personal tastes. Today we’re going to show you how you can modify any vehicle, for any character absolutely free.

The first thing you need to do is purchase the Los Santos Customs in the Grand Senora Desert. This property can only be purchased by Franklin and will set him back a cool $349,000. Once Franklin owns the shop, it will pay him $1,600 per week and allow him to upgrade any vehicle he brings to that particular location at no cost.

Let’s setup the scenario for you. Say you want a Western Bagger motorcycle, fully modified for Michael’s garage.

Playing as Franklin, steal (or buy) the desired vehicle. Have Franklin drive the vehicle to the Los Santos Customs in the Senora Desert and fully modify it. This won’t cost you a dime. Once you exit the shop, still playing as Franklin, call Michael and ask him to hang out. Go to Michael’s location, pick him up and do whatever activity you desire. Once the activity is complete, drive Michael to the location indicated on your map. After he leaves the vehicle, have Franklin do the same. Still playing as Franklin, run a short distance from the vehicle. Quickly switch characters to Michael, run to the vehicle (in this case the Western Bagger) and drive away. The vehicle will still be fully customized and can be saved in Michael’s garage.

Here’s an additional tip. Save this vehicle in Michael’s garage. No, we’re not talking about the one at his safe house, but the garage indicated on your map. You want to ensure you have no more than three vehicles saved in this garage before you start the process. Leaving a vehicle outside your garage while you remove another will often cause it to disappear.

This process can be repeated with either Michael or Trevor and any customizable vehicle can be used.

Let us know in the comments below, what is your favorite vehicle to customize in Grand Theft Auto 5?

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