Yasuo Blows Away the Competition in Project L’s Newest Playable Demo

1v1 me on EVO

Yasuo Project L Reveal Featured

During the Evolution Championship Series 2023 (best known as EVO 2023), Riot took the liberty to bring the first playable demo for their upcoming fighting game, Project L. While only available for the Las Vegas event’s attendees, they haven’t lost the opportunity to reveal one of the upcoming fighters for the game: Yasuo, the Unforgiven.

One of the most popular characters in their flagship game League of Legends, it’s no wonder that the samurai joins the fray as one of Riot’s representatives in their newest bet. Check out his trailer, complete with a character breakdown, below.

“Face the Wind” Gets a Whole New Meaning

A master in both swordsmanship and wind magic, Yasuo is bringing these two elements into his fighting game iteration. Just as versatile (and deadly) as he is in League, Yasuo can maintain his distance with his mid-to-large distance normals or apply pressure with his quick dashes and cancels. Even his infamous Wind Wall is here, blocking all projectiles as usual.

He’s available in the demo alongside Ahri, Darius and Ekko, and will probably be one of the most popular characters at release. Katarina and Illaoi are also confirmed to join the roster at the game’s release, but the girls weren’t ready for testing at EVO just yet. This leaves us with the four-man squad, fitting perfectly in the 2v2 nature of the game.

Yasuo Project L Reveal Character
Image by Riot Games

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Despite not being that huge of a Yasuo fan myself, I’m a complete sucker for samurai-style characters in fighting games like Strider Hiryu in Marvel vs Capcom or Baiken in Guilty Gear. So, I’m definitely hopping on the Yasuo train when Project L is finally out.

And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yone also followed his brother into the fighting game just like he did in the MOBA. Maybe not on the main roster but as a post-release DLC? I could definitely see that happening.

Project L was announced back in 2019 and is still under development. The game has no release date or official name just yet (just like Valorant was announced on the same day under the codename Project A). But given Riot’s recent success outside the MOBA genre, it’s safe to believe this project is definitely taking a good turn.

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