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Xbox Dashboard UI Changes Once More Ahead of Xbox Series X Launch

by Liana Ruppert

While Microsoft gears up for the launch of the mightily impressive Xbox Series X later this year, that doesn’t mean that the Xbox One is falling to the wayside. The Xbox dashboard UI underwent a few recent changes ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X for a more simplified version of the interface for Xbox players. 

In the first of a few set changes before the next generation arrives, Microsoft is sharing that they are making improvements to the Guide as part of the Xbox One dashboard in addition to an overall simplification of the entire functionality and aesthetic of the system’s UI. 

A few ways that Microsoft is simplifying their UI is by managing their Invite, Messaging, and Party options into one singular “Parties and Chats” tab. Another simplification can be seen with the “Profile and System” tab which compiles the settings, power options, and audio settings all into one area as well. 

One common complaint that Xbox One users have had since launch is that the UI feels messy and disorganized. Since launch, the look and functionality has evolved quite a bit, but this most recent bought of changes really mainlines what fans have been wanting: mainline simplicity. The UI can still look colorful and integrated without having all of the functions spread out across multiple pages and compiling similar features under one tab is a minute, yet massive, improvement all at the same time. 

The homescreen itself is undergoing a massive makeover as well but instead of flair, it’s going for sleek. While these tweaks may seem small, this is a huge step towards user-friendliness and bodes well for what the Xbox Series X ill have to offer when it arrives this holiday season. 

H/T The Verge

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