Xbox Series X and PS5 Spec Comparison Guide

Not sure whether you're going to be Team Microsoft or Team Sony when it comes to the next console generation? Our Xbox Series X and PS5 spec comparison guide might help.

While we’ve already had a lot of information about the Xbox Series X’s specs, it’s only recently that we’ve had the full breakdown when it comes to their main competition for this upcoming console generation – the PlayStation 5. After the reveal stream which talked an impressive amount of numbers, speeds, and high-fidelity options, you might be wondering what the consoles are like sitting side by side. Well, let our Xbox Series X and PS5 Spec Comparison Guide help you out.

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Xbox Series X and PS5 Spec Comparison Guide

After this morning’s PlayStation 5 reveal conference, which we also happened to cover while Mark Cerny’s soothing voice washed over us, there’s been some chatter over what was revealed and how people think it’s going to stack up compared to other next-gen consoles. The main contender, we’d argue, is the Xbox Series X and this is honestly a no-brainer. Sony and Microsoft have always essentially been each other’s biggest competition, so we’re decided to give you a bit of a rundown when it comes to what both consoles offer. Check out these handy images below which compare each individual console to its previous generation counterpart for clarity. 

Xbox Series X and PS5 Spec Comparison Guide – Xbox

Xbox Series X and PS5 Spec Comparison Guide – PS5

If we’re just comparing the various stats at face value, it looks like the PS5 isn’t actually as powerful as the Xbox Series X just when it comes down to looking at the CPU as well as the GPU. That being said, the PS5 reveal that recently took place was huge on emphasizing the SSD as well as its impressive speed, which means that we should see minimal loading times for both and perhaps some truly impressive ones from Sony’s product. We’re a fan of anything that cuts down on loading screen times, honestly, and anything that allows us to do more high-intensity processing so this is definitely heartening. 

Now that you’ve got our Xbox Series X and PS5 spec comparison guide to hand, which are you going to splash out on when the time comes? Or maybe, will you be getting both? We’re on the fence at the moment, since there’s no doubt that there will be yet another battle of console exclusives for us to look forward to, but let us know what your thoughts are on Twitter at @PrimaGames. Need a hand with anything else related to PS5 or Xbox news? Why not check out these articles that we’ve put together in our dedicated hubs for these consoles?

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