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Wuthering Waves Developers Apologize to Community Over Rough Launch

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After weeks of stressful updates and many technical issues, players are finally getting to enjoy Wuthering Waves for all it has to offer. In response to the drama surrounding its release, Wuthering Waves’ developers, Kuro Games, have issued an apology to the community via Twitter and announced upcoming adjustments.

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Kuro Games went to Twitter to apologize to its community over the issues it faced at launch. From lagging to server disconnecting to rubber banding to poor optimization to graphic issues, players experienced a myriad of problems at launch, causing an uproar. That said, Kuro Games has tirelessly spent all of its days since Wuthering Waves’ release, addressing the issues in its action role-playing game.

Now that it’s finally in a better spot where players can enjoy the game, Kuro Games has addressed the rocky launch and thanked its community, stating that the company was incredibly “grateful” for the feedback and attention it received over the last few weeks. This support ultimately helped Kuro Games pinpoint issues and immediately fix them within days of notice.

In addition to this gratitude, Kuro Games apologized to players for the “deficiencies and issues present in Wuthering Waves.” The company understands that it tarnished the gameplay experience for many, but they’re actively trying to “improve [Wuthering Waves] for those who love the game.” As a result, Kuro Games’ public apology follows a long list of announced adjustments and implementations the developers are trying to fix and introduce.

The company states that it has “been working on optimizations and iterations for the current 1.0 version, and the development of subsequent version updates is also underway.” Kuro Games’ transparency and attention means Wuthering Waves will see better days and players will get to relish the title without any more significant problems in the way. For more information about the upcoming adjustments, feel free to read Kuro Games’ official news post.

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