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Wuthering Waves’ Launch Day Encounters Multiple Frustrating Technical Issues

Off to a rough start!

Wuthering Waves, Kuro Game Studio’s newest free-to-play gacha adventure, has officially launched with various technical issues. The community has gone into an uproar over multiple frustrating technical issues that have made the game nearly unplayable. From lagging to crashing to server disconnecting to rubberbanding, the list of problems goes on. It seems like Wuthering Waves needs a little more time before it’s ready for the world.

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After years of development, Wuthering Waves has finally arrived and it’s far from what most players anticipated. While the gameplay, visuals, and combat are impeccable, the game’s infestation of technical issues has made the title unplayable for some and frustrating to get through for others.

A majority of players have complained about insane ping and connection issues, stopping users from entering the game, joining regional servers, loading up cutscenes, and just simply playing Wuthering Waves. Hundreds, if not thousands of players have struggled to play the game, with users reaching up to anywhere between 150 to 1,000 ping. Even players in Southeast Asia playing on the Southeast Asia server have experienced immense lag and rubberbanding. As a result, some players can’t even get through the tutorial without their games crashing or disconnecting. Here are a few comments we pulled from Wuthering Waves’ official Discord community server.

Adding on, the game’s current maxed frames-per-second (FPS) settings are limited to 60, which is lower than many PC players would expect. These limitations occasionally make gameplay feel a little clunky and slow, causing battles to be difficult to get through because of the limited FPS and lag. It seems as though the regional servers can’t handle the amount of players trying to enjoy Wuthering Waves and the game isn’t properly optimized for everyone right now, which is why players are experiencing these issues.

Various minor issues seem to be affecting players as well; from a lack of controller support, clients not loading, games not being downloaded properly, account issues, glitching and shading problems, and poor mobile controls, Wuthering Waves has a myriad of issues it needs to address—hopefully soon.

Launch days are always messy, so most of these problems are expected. Players should anticipate Wuthering Waves to solve its problems within the next few days or weeks. Until then, feel free to read more news about Wuthering Waves on Prima Games.

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