Valorant Reveals New Ion 2.0 Skin Collection — Release Date, Price, and More

Ionic and Iconic.

The return of a fan-favorite skin line is arriving soon in Valorant as revealed in a new trailer released by Riot Games. The 2022 Ion Skin Set, or “Ion 2.0”, introduces a new collection of weapons wrapped in the sleek and futuristic style that made the original collection so popular. Four new gun skins and a karambit knife were showcased in the trailer, as well as alternate color variations that weren’t included in the previous Ion collection. Read on to learn more about the 2022 Ion 2.0 Skin Collection in Valorant, including release date, price, and more.

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Valorant Ion 2.0 Skin Collection – Release Date, Price, and More

Trailer via Riot Games

The Ion 2.0 Skin Collection will likely release on October 18, 2022, at approximately 6 AM PT as the new featured collection, just as the current CrimsonBeast collection comes to an end. Although not confirmed, the total price of the collection will most likely be 7,100 VP (roughly $71.00 USD), similar to most other high-quality skin bundles in the past. As always, you’ll be able to buy individual skins from the collection at a reduced price should you choose not to purchase the entire set.

The collection includes skins for the Spectre, Ares, Vandal, Frenzy, and a new Ion Karambit knife. A player card, spray, and/or title should also be expected in the collection as well.

Additionally, color variants were shown in the new trailer – something the Ion skin line hasn’t seen before.

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Will Split Be Coming Back To Valorant?

An interesting detail in the trailer that caught many players’ eyes was that it took place entirely on Split – a map that was removed from the normal rotation back in June to make way for Valorant’s newest map, Pearl. Though Riot mentioned that Split would eventually return, possibly with tweaks and improvements, they’ve never hinted at a date. Could the Ion 2.0 trailer be Riot’s way of giving Split a surprise return? We’ll have to find out tomorrow, October 18, when Episode 5 Act 3 begins.

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