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Thor Shows Off His Power in Leaked Marvel’s Avengers SDCC 2019 Footage

by Nicholas Barth

Fans across the world are anxiously awaiting to get their hands on the highly anticipated title of Marvel’s Avengers. While players will have to wait for a while to get their hands on the full Marvel’s Avengers experience, San Diego Comic-Con 2019 has given attendees the chance to try out the upcoming game. This opportunity to try out Marvel’s Avengers at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 led to footage of everyone’s favorite God of Thunder being thrown out into the open for the community to see. 

According to a report by AllGamers, the leaked San Diego Comic-Con 2019 footage of Thor from Marvel’s Avengers posted to the PS5 Intel and Mostly Variety YouTube channels and shows off the god destroying his enemies in truly epic fashion. With Thor often being regarded as one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe, it looks as though the title’s developers in Square Enix have been able to recreate this high level of power in their version of Thor. 

Due to Marvel’s Avengers having a release date of May 15th, 2020, this leaked gameplay footage of Thor from San Diego Comic-Con will be the only kind of look the community gets at the gameplay experience of the game until Square Enix decides to reveal official gameplay footage. 

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Nicholas Barth

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