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Marvel’s Avengers War Table Shows Deep Dive Into Discordant Sound Raid, New Shipments System, & Spider-Man

by Jesse Vitelli

The latest Marvel’s Avengers War Table does a deep dive into Spider-Man, the forest ever raid, and all of the holiday content coming to the game this year.

Marvel’s Avengers War Table Shows Off Discordant Sound Raid, New Shipments System, & Spider-Man

During the presentation, we got a glimpse into patch 2.2, which launches with the Discordant Sound Raid. 

The raid is endgame content designed to challenge the highest-level teams. Shuri informs The Avengers about corrupted Vibranium that indicates Klaw is still alive and it’s up to you to stop him. 

The raid will feature Elite enemies, puzzles, and all-new threats never before seen in the game.

Alongside the raid, Marvel’s Avenger also raised the maximum power level from 150 to 175. You can reach the new Power cap with the raid weeklies, and Omega threat missions, as well as the raid rewards themselves. 

At Power Level 160 you’ll unlock an Elite version of the raid pushing your gear to the max level. 

New weekly objectives will reward players with gear that is guaranteed to be better than what you have. 

The new system also allows you to permanently upgrade any piece of gear over 100 as much as you want. In order to upgrade gear, you will only need Fragments, Upgrade Modules, and a higher unwanted piece of gear. The team is cutting down resource requirements across the board. 

Speaking of loot, Marvel’s avengers now has a new system for unlocking cosmetics. Shipments can be earned with in-game currency and contain a randomized selection of cosmetics. YOu can see everything in a shipment before spending your credits on it so you know what you’re getting. You can also a free shipment once a day by participating in Multiplayer. 

Finally, Spider-Man is coming to the game with this update for PlayStation owners. You can check out the gameplay of him down below in the presentation. 

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