One Marvel Game Will Be Gone From All Stores Tomorrow, so Grab It While You Can

Who says no to a Marvel game that has a 90% discount? No one!

final chance to get Marvel's Avengers - The Definitive Edition
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Avengers assemble! If you haven’t heard, there’s an important update regarding Marvel’s Avengers – The Definitive Edition. It’s a bittersweet day for all Marvel fans as we countdown the clock before Marvel’s Avengers – The Definitive Edition gets taken off the digital shelves. Players have until the end of the month (September 30, 2023) before all support for the game ends. That’s less than 24 hours at the time of writing this.

Additionally, there’s no better time than now to consider buying Marvel’s Avengers because the price has been cut down to a meager $3.99, thanks to a 90% discount on the final purchase days. Despite the news that all support will end once we roll into the new month, October, all the currently available content will continue to be available for both solo and multiplayer play.

This means the game will remain fully playable. Missions, events, and other modes will continue to exit and be open to play as long as you have your copy of the game. As per Steam, limited-time events such as Red Room Takeover will continue to run following a two-week rotation.

Most importantly, if you do decide to purchase the Definitive Edition of Marvel’s Avengers, it will remain in your library until the end of time. There will be no rush to play the game before the 30th, and if you’re currently busy with other adventures in other titles, you can put it on hold in the meantime.

Do you really need any more convincing as to why you should log into the Steam store and purchase your copy of Marvel’s Avengers before it’s too late? Before spending a cent on the game, ensure you have enough space to download and run it on your respective systems. Players must have between 75 GB and 110 GB of free space to download and install Marvel’s Avengers – The Definitive Edition. Save the world today so you can play another game tomorrow.

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