Thief Complete Walkthrough Chapter 5: The Forsaken – How to Kill the Freaks

We show you the location of all six collectibles in Thief Chapter 5, including the Flowers Eternal Rose Brooch.

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

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Thieving Challenges

  • Remain Undetected – 400 G
  • Take No Damage – 300 G
  • 12 Kills or Knockouts – 275 G
  • Lift All Loot Items – 350 G

Before you begin this chapter, visit the Shady Merchant and purchase lots of arrows, reaching maximum capacity with your Fire Arrows. In addition, purchase the Bow Strength upgrade or the steps we provide will be difficult to follow.

Objective 1: Reach the Asylum Grounds

Sprint forward and climb the wall to get on the asylum grounds. Move around to the left of the building and snag the City Heritage Plaques (9/16) – Moira Asylum. Move to the right of the building, prompting the front door to open up. After the door opens, visit the statue in front for some loot. Note that it’s not there before the doors open.

Objective 2: Find Information about Erin

Go inside and look through the peephole. When the doors open, loot the entire lobby, downstairs and upstairs. When you’re finished looting, go through the south revolving doors to reach the Men’s Ward. There is only one collectible here, but there’s also a very important clue to progress the chapter.

Head east when you enter the Men’s Ward and look for an office with a valve. Turn the valve to open a gate, allowing you to pass through more revolving doors. Go through those doors to enter the rooms the inmates were kept in.

There are a lot of rooms to search and plunder. You can go through them all and nothing will hurt you. Avoid rooms M02 and M12 until the end. When you’ve searched high and low, satisfied you have looted everything possible, enter M02 and look through the peephole on the south wall. Exit the room and use your Razor Tool to snag the painting, collecting The Court of Montonessi (10/12). If your collectible loot number is different than ours, check our walkthrough’s earlier chapters or in The City itself.

Now move on to room M12. There’s a key on the floor that will give you access to the Women’s Ward. Pick it up to complete the objective.

Objective 3: Enter the Women’s Ward

Loot the room and exit to see a document on the wall. Take the document to learn the Night Warden is now on duty. He’s not much fun if he catches you, but if you take the right path, it’s fairly simple to get by him. From the letter, run left, then turn right and move down the hall. Take the first hall on your right and sprint to the end. The revolving doors should be on your left. Go through and leave the Night Warden safely behind you.

Pass through two sets of revolving doors to find yourself in part of the Women’s Ward. Your objective should be close by. Use the key to open the door, enter the room and turn the valve. Leave the room, approaching the north stairs. Don’t go down, but put a Rope Arrow in the anchor beam above. Descend the rope to land on top of an elevator. Drop further to land in a room that contains a Flowers Eternal (5/6) – Rose Brooch. If you can’t find it, use Focus and look up.

Backtrack the way you came and head to your objective marker just outside the office where you turned the valve. Go through the revolving door to progress your objective. Note that there is a lot of loot to be had around the asylum, but we’re sticking with collectibles and showing you how to beat the chapter. If you wish to explore, just return to this area when you’re done and pick up where you left off.

Objective 4: Search for the Asylum Records

There aren’t any collectible loot items in the Women’s Ward, but you have to get into the south office to complete your objective. Nothing will harm you here (not even the Night Warden), so explore all rooms except W07.

When the place is cleaned out, pick the lock and enter room W07. Crawl through the hole in the wall to enter W05. Climb into the window and leap to access the south office. Snag the three documents here, using Focus if you have a hard time finding them.

Objective 5: Move to the Treatment Wing

Head toward your objective, pushing past the debris to complete your objective.

Objective 6: Descend to the Treatment Level

Snag the note on the wall in front of you, go down the stairs and through the door. Jump to the beam and then the platform beyond. There’s a gate blocking the path. Go upstairs, turn the wheel to raise the gate and then head down to the bottom level. Keep moving toward your objectives until they update.

Objective 7: Access Room 3F

Move forward, looking into the various rooms if you want. Room 3F is to the south. Head that way to find that you can’t get in without restoring the power.

Objective 8: Find and Start the Power Generator

Loot the office and hallway first, watching out for a trap that can be disabled through the control box. Go as far to the west as you can, loot the room and flip the switch. This will turn the generator on.

Objective 9: Find a Way into Room 3F

The lights are on but you’re still safe. Consider saving the game at this point, using the cabinet by the generator. Go back to the office and hit the switch to open the various cells. There are crazy patients roaming about, but you’re safe for now with the gate closed. Leave the office and go into the open door across the hall. Loot the room and then crawl through to room 3F.

Objective 10: Descend to the Asylum’s Lowest Level

Now you’re in danger. Look out of your room to see a crazy patient. There are a total of three threats, and it is possible to sneak up on them all. Instead, we advise tossing a bottle into the hallway to make a bit of noise and get their attention. Then, either take the two patients out with headshots, or ignite the flammable liquid on the floor. It’s much more comforting knowing they are down. There’s a third in his cell, but we’ll get to him in a moment.

When at least two of the patients are down, go to cell 3E. Loot the place, making sure to open the safe and snag the Serendi Stone Circles (5/7) – Ivory Circle. If you’re looking for the combination, it’s 7, 3, 1. Keep looting the rooms in succession. If you’ve followed our advice, room 3C is empty except for a poor guy strung up in a torture device. You’ll find loot on top of and underneath the device. Use the lever to raise and lower it as need be.

Sneak through the crawl space to enter room 3B. There’s a patient building a fire (sure, why not?), but you can sneak behind him and knock him out. We didn’t throw his body in the fire, but why not give it a try and see what happens? Loot the room and go back to the previous room. Drop down the elevator shaft and use the vent to continue. Keep looting and moving until your objective updates.

Objective 11: Locate Erin’s Holding Cell

At this point, you’ve seen a couple of Freaks. That’s the name for the monster like creatures that you keep catching a glimpse of. There are a total of eight in this area. If you followed our advice and stocked up on Fire Arrows, as well as Bow Strength, you can kill them all. If not, you’ll have to sneak by them. Do not try to melee them, you’ll lose that battle every time. A Fire Arrow to the head or Blast Arrow to the body is the best way to kill them. You could also set them on fire by shooting the flammable liquid they often walk through.

Loot the reception area and then sneak through the doorway to the north. There will be a Freak that is banging its head against the wall. Shoot it with a Fire Arrow. One down, seven to go. Keep moving up on this route. Two more Freaks are to your west, along the north wall of the room. Sneak forward, taking each of them out the same as you did the one before. Three down, five to go. Head to the northwest of the room where you will find a vase that you can smash. With no Freaks around, smash the vase and the Memories of the Dead (4/6) – Child’s Memory is yours. If you aren’t on number four of this collectible, check our walkthrough for one you’ve missed, or visit The City where many collectibles are found.

Backtrack all the way to the reception desk and approach the west railing behind it. Use Focus and you should see a couple of Freaks in front of you and to your left. Time to test your bow skills. Wait for one of the Freaks to walk into the southeast corner and take him down with a headshot. If you hit the target, nobody will be the wiser. If you miss, Freaks will start looking for you. Luckily, you’re fairly safe from this vantage point. Kill all the Freaks you can here and then vault the railing. Sneak forward just a bit before climbing on some crates to the south. Put a Rope Arrow into the anchor beam above to go with the one already there. Jump from one rope to another, then to the walkway in the middle of the room. Up here, you will find the Unique Loot (6/9) – Mechanical Eye. If you aren’t on number four of this particular collectible, check the previous chapters in our walkthrough, as well as The City. Many collectibles are in The City, not the actual story chapters.

With this loot, you can quietly drop down to the floor and sneak toward your objective. As long as you don’t land on or walk through glass, you should be fine. Freaks can’t actually see you, they can only hear you. If you do come close to one left alive, just sneak past it.

Continue forward, following the markers until your objective is updated.

Objective 12: Leave the Asylum

This is fairly straightforward… just walk outside. That’s it, one of the creepiest chapters in the game is now complete.

By completing this chapter, players will unlock The Forsaken trophy or achievement, depending on what platform you play the game on.

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