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There Is a Sims Reality Show Now And It Looks Awesome

by Liana Ruppert

If you love The Sims, then you are going to want to check out the new inspired reality show Spark’d. The new show will center around challenges seen in The Sims 4 and looks to offer the perfect blend of hilarity and fandom for a community that has fallen in love with this franchise through the years. 

Electronic Arts is partnering up with TBS to bring The Sims Spark’d reality TV show on-air this July 17th on TBS. For those that don’t have cable, the new show will later air with its first episode on the BuzzFeed Multiplayer YouTube channel a few days later on the 20th. 

The latest Sims adventure will be produced by Buzzfeed Multiplayer and Turner Sports gaming and will feature twelve hopeful contestants go toe-to-toe with challenges inspired by the game. The Sims Spark’s series will be four episodes long and will feature the Buzzfeed beloved Kelsey Impicciche joined by Maxis dev Dave Miotke, and singer Taylor Parx. 

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In a report from Variety, the new show will aim to appeal to both long-time fans of this particular franchise as well as newcomers or those interested. As far as marketing attempts go, this is genius, and from what it sounds like, this could potentially become a bigger project if the ratings are good enough. 

What other games would you like to see formatted into the reality TV setup? Tomb Raider obstacle courses like what Nick had back in the day? Mass Effect space simulator? The sky is the limit, sound off with your dream concepts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we want to hear all about ’em!