The MW2 Orion Camo is Headed to MW3 on Release

Two mastery camos in one game.

Orion Camo in MW3
Screenshot by Prima Games.

For a few weeks now, the community has been aware of the fact that bundles and weapons from Modern Warfare 2 would make their way into Modern Warfare 3 this year. However, that goes even further than what we first imagined and your progress on weapons or the Orion camo will be available on launch day.

Orion Camo and Weapon Progress Will Transfer to MW3

In a brand new blog post from Activision that clarifies the Carry Forward content, we now know exactly what will transfer from MW2 into Modern Warfare 3. All camos, including the Orion Mastery Camo, will be available for players that were able to earn them. This includes even camos as well, such as the Bowing Blossom or Vought International camo.

There is a catch, though. Any camos like Orion that carry forward to Modern Warfare 3 will only be available to use on MW2 weapons. Every weapon that has appeared in MW2 will transfer, so that leaves a wide array of weapons to use your Orion camo on.

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It’s not just the camos, either. All weapon progress you have in MW2 will also transfer. That includes your camo progress, the weapon ranks you have, and all of the attachments unlocked on a platform. Considering all weapons in MW3 will share attachments, this could be the most important part of the carry-forward content.

Aside from all the weapon ranks or camos that were detailed, you can also expect your Operators to transfer as well. Essentially any cosmetic content that you were able to unlock or purchase for MW2 will follow you to the latest Call of Duty. This may not be the case for future COD games, but for the time being, I’ll be appreciating my Orion and Bowing Blossom Mastery for at least one more year.

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