The Last Airbender RPG Avatar Generations Opens Pre-Registration

Get those gacha-pulling fingers ready, Avatar fans

When Does Avatar Generations Release Globally

If you’ve ever wanted to dig deeper into the lore of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and also play a turn-based RPG, the world has turned in your favor. Developed by Crystal Dynamics (the Tomb Raider folks!) Avatar Generations is coming to mobile platforms later this year. The developers are showing off some new gameplay footage, and that’s paired with the opening of pre-registration for both iOS and Android. Check out the gameplay footage right here:

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Pre-registering, like most mobile games, is all about getting numbers up to guage interest in the game for launch day. But also like most mobile games, there are in-game rewards meant to make the effort worthwhile. iOS users will have to hit the game’s website to register, while Android users can do it right in the Google Play Store. The following rewards are on offer based on the total number of signups:

All Avatar Generations Pre-Registration Rewards

  • 5,000 signups: Gold and Stamina rewards
  • 10,000 signups: Nature Stones and Skip Ticket rewards
  • 20,000 signups: Appa and Food
  • 50,000 signups: Event Summon Ticket and Elements rewards
  • 100,000 signups: “Last Airbender” Aang and five-star Hero Ticket

Obviously we don’t have the full context of all that stuff, but you can generally guess what some of these items are for. It remains to be seen what kind of progression systems and gacha mechanics we’re gonna see in Avatar Generations, but there’s a little preview.

As noted before Avatar Generations is a mobile RPG, featuring turn-based combat and characters from throughout the Last Airbender series. A press release on the game also noted the storyline will not only follow the source material, but add to it with stories of Avatars throughout history.

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