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Tech Expert Dives Deep Into Recent PS5 Showcase And Which Games Featured Ray Tracing

by Liana Ruppert

The recent PlayStation 5 showcase featured a lot of exciting content, but which games featured the highly-talked about ray tracing technology? Tech expert Alexander Battaglia from Digital Foundry broke down the latest PS5 showcase in a brand new video, talking about the different types of ray tracing and how this works. 

Ray tracing has been a term thrown around quite a bit after Sony confirmed that this would be a major focal point in how we see games with the next generation looming ahead. This technology takes us even closer to pure realism in terms of games and how we interact and perceive these digitized environments. That being said, many are still a little confused about what exactly this means for next-gen and which titles showcased so far will use this particular brand of tech. That’s where Battaglia comes in. 

Though not the only game to utilize ray tracing in the PS5 event, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was probably one of the most shining examples of this technology. This nostalgia play looks far more stunning than we ever thought possible, even down to the details of the characters and their fur. This was largely due to the ray tracing feature, something talked about in the full video below: 


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Another game that truly showed off the dynamic power of ray tracing was the new look at Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon II: Forbidden West. There is more to ray tracing then basic application, and the above video breaks down all of it in a way that all can understand and appreciate. It also helps to see how truly special the previous showcase was, making the future launch of next-gen all the more exciting. 

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