Ted Timmins of Lionhead Studios was recently interviewed by Examiner.com and discussed how Prima and Lionhead have teamed up for 'Fable Anniversary's' SmartGlass

"We have a really great relationship with Prima, who make the strategy guides. At the start of the project I just said, ‘what plans do you guys have for SmartGlass?’ I remember them replying, ‘it’s really frustrating because we've got an engine and we've got a developer, but we have no game.’ And I said, ‘well we have a game and no developer and no engine.’ So we've been working with them really closely over the last year."

In addition, Timmins shares details of the SmartGlass experience's interactive map and strategy features. Read the full article, and be sure to order your copy of the Fable Anniversary Limited Edition Guide which includes access to this ground-breaking SmartGlass experience.