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Starfield Release Date Rumors Shut Down By Bethesda

by Liana Ruppert

Bethesda has been in a rather interesting position over the past few years. Not only did they seemingly disappoint an entire fanbase with the botched release of Fallout 76, which has since seen better days thanks to the addition of human NPCs and the Wastelanders update. However, this isn’t the only thing on Bethesda’s plate as they have both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI in development, with the former set to arrive first. A recent rating page suggested that release might be sooner than expected, but Bethesda has shot that down. 

USK, a German rating board, had recently added a page to their site for Starfield and due to a bug, it allowed some people to see a rating for the game. In order for a game to receive a rating from a rating board, the game in question typically has to be complete, which Starfield definitely is not. Of course, seeing this false rating caused a bit of panic as fans had begun to think that Bethesda was finished with the upcoming game. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

After YouTuber Skullzi TV took to Twitter to share this information with fellow gamers looking forward to the release of Starfield, it was brought to the attention of none other than Bethesda senior vice president of marketing and communications Pete Hines. He was quick to put speculation to rest and confirm that it was a bug that resulted in a rating popping up for Starfield, which is likely quite some time away from launch.

We already know that Starfield is going to be a game for the next generation of consoles, so it is completed already doesn’t make a ton of sense. This may be disappointing for some fans, especially those waiting for the next entry in The Elder Scrolls series, but following the release of Fallout 76, fans are likely okay with waiting until something is completely done. 

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Speaking of which, we simply don’t know when that will be. We don’t even know if Bethesda intends on releasing any sort of information or gameplay from Starfield this year. The developer has no digital events to speak of as of this time, but they could always hop into the action of the likes of Xbox and PlayStation to reveal something for fans to get excited about. Of course, we just won’t know until Bethesda gives us the goods.

Starfield is currently in development with no release date in sight. When do you think we will see anything about the upcoming Bethesda title? What sort of experience are you looking for in Starfield? Let us know over on Twitter @PrimaGames. Be sure to keep an eye on our Game Hub as more details about Starfield begin to arrive!

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