Back in September 2018, Bethesda filed a trademark for Redfall in a move that was widely speculated to be the name of the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 game. The news was exciting, at least to most Sci-fi author Jay Falconer had issue with the Redfall trademark given that it was a huge mark for his own series. 

The trademark wars quickly escalated with the author took to Twitter to open up about his numerous attempts to contact Bethesda's parent company, Zenimax, over the use of the property. Though his goal wasn't to halt development or even sue for copyright infringement, the continued lack of response frustrated Falconer to no end. When the push went viral, Zenimax took notice and it looks like the back and forth has finally reached a resolution. 

"ZeniMax Media Inc. and are pleased to announce that they have amicably resolved a pending trademark dispute related to the Redfall trademark," reads a short statement made to Gamasutra. "While the specific terms of the agreement are confidential, the parties believe that resolution of the matter is mutually beneficial to both ZeniMax and and their respective fans."

It looks like this particular tale has a happy ending and development can resume on the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls title. You can also check out the author's works, which are highly recommended, right here!  

H/T to YouTuber Skullzi for his dedication to this story since day 1.