While many are awaiting Elder Scrolls 6 news, the designers for the original game have a new RPG experience on the horizon. Quite a few devs from the original Elder Scrolls have joined forces under a new studio called OnceLost Games and their first project together? A glorious open-world RPG - though that's about all we know at this point.

According to once source, OnceLost Games is hoping to recapture the Daggerfall magic with a spiritual successor to "meet the gap between the deep, complex design pillars of games from the 1990s, with the production values, improved combat controls, and quality of life features in games today." 

Deemed the Father of Elder Scrolls, Julian LeFay is heading the charge as the studio's technical director. On a recent Reddit AMA, he mentioned "It would have to be done in such a way that I wouldn't have business-related issues. Those are things that I've decided that I never want to deal with. With proper funding and someone trustworthy to manage the business side of things, it could definitely be a thing,’ he said. ‘I can't realistically see this coming to pass since it's not something I would initiate; it's not my thing. If someone could bring this about and then offered me an opportunity to join, that'd be a much more likely way that something along these lines could happen."

Other Elder Scrolls vets included in this project sees both Ted Peterson and Vijay Lakshaman. It will be interesting to see where this new vision goes, especially since it seems to be blending the best of two very different times in gaming. We're excited to learn more and wish the studio nothing but the best in their current endeavors.