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Sequels Announced for The Outer Worlds, Slime Rancher, and A Plague Tale

by Morgan Shaver

E3 is back – well, technically speaking, everything is virtual this year – but it’s back! Continuing the trend of things getting lost in wave after wave of E3 news, the Xbox & Bethesda showcase had some wild announcements in it. Not just for new games, but sequels as well. 

In fact, sequels were announced for not one but three big games, with all three of these sequels guaranteed to release day one on Xbox Game Pass.

While we don’t have release dates for any of the newly announced sequels, we do have a bit of trailer footage and the satisfaction of knowing these sequels are real and in development. 

Sequels Announced for The Outer Worlds, Slime Rancher, and A Plague Tale

Three big sequels were announced during the Xbox & Bethesda showcase including The Outer Worlds 2, Slime Rancher 2, and A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Starting with The Outer Worlds, a sequel has been confirmed and while the announcement trailer is fun and funny (poking fun at tropes that are typical to game trailers nowadays), it doesn’t exactly tell viewers a whole lot about The Outer Worlds 2.

Which does make sense as we imagine the sequel isn’t all that far into development, if development has started at all. It’s only been two years since the first Outer Worlds game was released back in 2019. 

As for what you can expect from The Outer Worlds 2, the trailer description provides the following information: 

“New solar system, new crew, same Outer Worlds. The Outer Worlds 2 is coming… and when that day is closer we will show you more… but until then enjoy this.”

So basically, new areas to explore, new characters to befriend, and more Outer Worlds wackiness. We’re really looking forward to hearing more about The Outer Worlds 2 in the future.

Another game we can’t wait to hear more about is the sequel to Slime Rancher, Slime Rancher 2. 

A good amount of time has passed since the release of Slime Rancher back in 2017, and while we’ll have to wait a little longer for the sequel (which currently has a 2022 release window) we do know a bit more about it than we do The Outer Worlds 2.

Firstly, Slime Rancher 2 will feature the return of its original protagonist, Beatrix LeBeau as she journeys to Rainbow Island. As expected, Rainbow Island is full of Slimes to uh… ranch?

We can also see a wealth of different types of Slimes in the announcement trailer from the standard Pink Slime to new Slimes like ones the game’s Steam page (wishlist Slime Rancher 2 on Steam here) calls the “Aquatic Angler Slime” and “Bouncy Cotton Slime” among others. 

The mechanics of sucking up Slimes using the vacpack appears to be the same, though we’re curious to see if new features will be added to the vacpack now that new Slimes are being added.

Overall though, Slime Rancher 2 seems to be a perfect blend of old and new, and we’re looking forward to the release of Slime Rancher 2 on Xbox and PC in 2022 (playable day one on Xbox Game Pass).

Last, but certainly not least, we also got a trailer for a sequel to Asobo Studio’s 2019 game A Plague Tale: Innocence called A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Like Slime Rancher 2, A Plague Tale: Requiem will release sometime in 2022 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC. It’ll also be playable day one via Xbox Game Pass. 

The trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem contains everything you might want from hordes of rats to the return of characters like Hugo from the first game. In the trailer description, the following information about A Plague Tale: Requiem is provided:

“Embark on an emotional and breathtaking journey. Follow Amicia and her brother Hugo on a perilous new quest, doing whatever it takes to survive a brutal, uncaring world.

A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released on Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2022. The game will be available at launch on Xbox Game Pass for Consoles, PC and Cloud.”

A Plague Tale: Requiem seems like it’ll continue Amicia and Hugo’s journey, though where it’ll take them is anyone’s guess right now. Again, it’s early and the sequel was only recently announced.

On the Steam page for A Plague Tale: Requiem (you can wishlist the game on Steam right now, which we always recommend doing) some additional info can be found. 

Specifically, the mention of a terrifying curse and “sacrificing your innocence” to save the ones you love. 

“Following from the first, award-winning adventure, embark with Amicia and her brother Hugo on an intense new quest for hope, as a terrifying curse hunts them down. Sacrifice your innocence to save the ones you love, facing the savagery of a collapsing world as it’s overwhelmed in a sea of teeth and claws.” 

Again, A Plague Tale: Requiem is set to release in 2022, and we’ll undoubtedly hear more about the game this year and into next year. The same goes for the other sequels that were announced including The Outer Worlds 2 and Slime Rancher 2.

After recapping some of the exciting sequels shown during the Xbox & Bethesda showcase, we’re eager to hear your thoughts. Are you excited for any of these sequels? Was there a sequel announcement you were hoping to see, that wasn’t announced?

Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned for more E3 2021 coverage here at Prima Games! 

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