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Sea of Thieves Receives 120Hz Performance Mode On Xbox Series X

by Jesse Vitelli

Sea of Thieves started its first official season of content today, and alongside it came a full list of release notes. Season one, which is filled with tons of new cosmetics to earn and challenges to complete, also comes with a new performance option for the Xbox Series X.

Sea of Thieves Receives 120Hz Performance Mode On Xbox Series X

Players can now choose a 120hz Performance Mode. This will kick the resolution down to 1080p but allow players to experience Sea of Thieves at a refresh rate previously unseen to the game.

Some TVs do not support 120Hz and HDR simultaneously, so players may need to disable HDR from the console settings.

This isn’t the first Xbox Series X game to receive a performance mode of this caliber. We saw something very seriously with Ori and the Will of the Wisps just a few months ago. 

It’s also important to note that this is only available on the Xbox Series X version of the game and doesn’t currently exist with the Xbox Series S or Xbox One X. This also comes with some performance and stability updates.

  • When trying to join a crew that has disbanded, players should now receive an appropriate error message.
  • While Sea of Thieves is suspended, joining a game should no longer cause instability.
  • Further improvements made to server performance, reducing latency during gameplay.
  • Improvements made to server stability, reducing disconnections during gameplay.

If you’re curious about all of the other changes that came to Sea of Thieves today, you can read all of the official notes here.

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