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Redfall’s New Trailer is Chock Full of Gameplay to Sink Your Teeth Into

Bite back.

by Jesse Vitelli

The newest trailer for Arkane Austin’s next game, Redfall, is filled with new bits of story and gameplay that further round out the world of Redfall. This multiplayer cooperative shooter will take you across the fictional island of Redfall, Massachusetts, in pursuit of taking down the vampires that are here to completely take over.

The story trailer, which can be seen below, focuses on some of the major players from the campaign and finally puts some names on faces we’ve seen in previous trailers and gameplay.

Redfall’s New Trailer is Chock Full of Gameplay to Sink Your Teeth Into

After the invasion, the lists of missing people has skyrocketed, new cults have been formed around the vampires, and plenty of blood has been shed.

The Hollow Man, Bloody Tom, Ms. Whisper, and The Black Sun, are just a few of the strongest Vampires around Redfall. It’s up to you and your crew to take them down and bring Redfall back from the brink of destruction.

Outside of some new story information, the trailer also showcases some more combat. Ranging from stealth takedowns using invisibility and silenced pistols, to chaining together your team’s abilities to create kill montages that rival a 2005 Halo 2 AMV in 240p.

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Combining melee abilities, a varied arsenal of weapons, and your brains, taking down the vampires of Redfall will take everything you have.

The newest trailer also shows brief glimpses into boss fights against the named Vampires above, and while we didn’t get a deep dive into how those will work, it’s sure to put your true skills to the test.

So grab three buddies and get ready to take back Redfall when it launches on May 2, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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