RE7: Not a Hero Walkthrough Part 2 – How to Get Night Vision, RAMRODS

Learn how to get the Night Vision Module, and score yourself some RAMRODS in Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero.

Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero is finally here, and fans continue the story by taking on the role of Chris Redfield, a BSAA agent working alongside Umbrella to contain the infection that was released in the base game story. This article will walk players through obtaining the Night Vision Module as well as their first set of RAMRODS (anti-regen bullets) in Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero, which they’ll need to progress deeper into the story.

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We’ve already shown you how to get the High-Grade Filter, as well as how to find the Cell Key, so be sure to check out the first part of our walkthrough if you’re just starting up the DLC.

Explore the Storage Area

Now that you have the High-Grade Filter, you’ll be able to head down into the Storage Area, which can be accessed through the rear-most shutter door on the left-hand side of the main cavern, when looking at the area with the Tape Record save station.

Head inside this door and make your way down the stairs to a sealed off door. Open it up and you’ll gain access to a small hallway with two doors. Unfortunately, one of the doors is locked, and you’ll need to come back to it later on down the line. Instead, enter the door on the left, which should look similar to the door that you just entered through.

How to Get Night Vision

There’s really only one main direction you can go here, but there are several enemies that you’ll have to worry about along the way, including enemies that require RAMRODs to take down, since they can regenerate. The easiest way to deal with these enemies is to stun them with a grenade of some sort, and then sneak around them while they are down. This can be tricky sometimes, though, so make sure you stay healed up in case you get stuck and hit by them.

Continue through the Storage Area until you come around a corner and a creature is spawning out of the wall. There should be a door halfway down the hall (continuing will bring up the notification that you need Night Vision).

Head through the door in the hallway—it’s cracked open so you can easily see it—and make your way inside and to the left. There should be several shelves ahead of you. The shelf on the left contains a document that you can read, as well as well as three rounds of RAMROD ammunition that you can grab.

Directly in the middle you should spot a small table-like shelf, which holds the Night Vision Module, as well as a document explaining it. Make sure to grab it to continue.

With the RAMRODs in your possession, and the Night Vision Device equipped, it’s time to continue. Head back out the door you entered and make your way to the right. The device should kick in automatically, allowing you to see down the dark corridor ahead of you.

Follow through it to a door, and unlock it to find a hole blocked by some boxes. Destroy the boxes to grab a grenade, and then drop down the hole to reach the Sewers.

Restore the Power

Your next goal is to restore the power. You should see several bits of glowing substance on the wall ahead of you, on the left. These are the power switches that you’ll need to reactivate in order to turn the power back on, and gain access to an elevator a short way away.

To find the combination needed to restore the power, head down the corridor to the left of the switches and out into the small room with the elevator. There should be three arrows painted on the door of the elevator.

Head back to the power switches and use this combination to set the switches correctly and turn the power back on. With the power restored, head back to the room, but prepare to face off another new enemy.

These new enemies look similar to the baby Xenomorphs from Alien (commonly known as Facehuggers), and they’ll target Redfield’s face just like the Facehugger would. The easiest way to take these out is with the Shotgun, though you can get up on them and melee them with your knife as well.

Escape the Storage Area

Rush past the facehugger-like creatures and activate the elevator. You’ll need to fend them off for a few seconds as you wait for the elevator, but then back into it and ride it up to the next level. The elevator will take you up a level, back to the main floor of the Storage Area.

Move forward—taking out a facehugger creature in front of you, and grab the Antique Coin on the barrel in the corner. A regen-creature will spawn ahead of you. Grenade it to slow it down, or shoot it with a RAMROD to defeat it. Just remember that you only have three of these special bullets right now, so it may be best to hold onto them for later.

This is where things start to get tricky, as you’ll begin to run into turrets, which can kill you quite easily. There’s no way to defeat these devices, so don’t bother trying to shoot them. Instead, crouch and make your way past them.

The good news is, you can use these devices to take out the basic creatures that you come across, so make sure to lure them back to turrets if you don’t want to have to waste your own ammunition.

Eventually you’ll come to a locked cell door that you can open up. To your left will be a clear path, and to the right two enemies will spawn. You’ll also need to take note of the three turrets at the top of the ramp. Do not try to go this direction, as the turrets will kill you almost instantly.

Instead, turn around and lead the creatures down the hallway away from the three turrets. There’s a turret around the next corner, so crouch and lead them to their deaths. Once they are taken care of, turn down the next corridor to the left, and move to the next corner. There’s another regen-creature here, so shoot it with the RAMROD or stun it with a grenade and then move down the hallway. Ignore the hallway on the left, there’s just an enemy here, and no items to grab.

More through the locked door at the end, grab the item off the barrel, and then follow the corridor forward. A bloated enemy should appear at the top of the short incline, so make sure to shoot it and let it explode before you get too close.

Another regen monster will appear at the end of the next hallway. Deal with it, and then grab the antique corner at the end of the hallway in the center of the corridor. A couple of regular enemies will spawn in your way, so make sure to deal with them and then head to the end, where you’ll find a locked cell door that you can open, leading you back to the exit that leads out of the Storage Area.

Now it’s time to head back to the Central Cavern and save the game. Once you’ve done that, continue on to our walkthrough on how to get the Clown Key or head back over to our Resident Evil 7 guide for even more in-depth help concerning the game.

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