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Rainbow Six Siege Dev Discusses Upcoming Operator Changes

by Liana Ruppert

Ever since Rainbow Six Siege first launched in 2015, Ubisoft has made sure to keep those updates flowing and that gameplay fresh. From new expansions, different maps and operators, to special events – Rainbow Six Siege has continued to evolve with the best of them, and the journey is far from over. Ubisoft lead designer Jean-Baptiste Halle recently outlined what kind of changes players can expect with Nokk, Oryx, and Kali. 

Halle recently sat down with the folks over at PC Gamer to talk about what sort of buffs are lined up with future updates. “We’re very likely to change [Nøkk’s] primary weapon and give her a stronger choice,” he said. “It’s probably something that’s going to change in the following months.” For those that may not know, Nokk has the power of stealth on her side, and being able to evade cameras is a skill that makes her incredibly powerful. That being said, her weapons leave little to be desired, something that Ubisoft is aware of and is actively looking into. 

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The studio originally had plans to give her an assault rifle, but that was later scrapped before her launch. Now it’s looking like they may be going back to the original drawing board, which would be perfect for this character and would definitely fit with the “stronger choice” Halle is referring to. 

As for Oryx, “We are absolutely discussing similar changes to the ones we made to Amaru. It’s the same kind of logic. We’re probably punishing him a bit too heavy right now when he dashes through walls,” he told the site. “We’re probably going to help him take less risk when [using his abilities].”

He added, “We’re always a bit afraid of adding someone that can potentially enter a room and destroy an entire team in a matter of seconds.” Given the nature of this Defender’s skill set and hatch-climbing forte, the fear is understandable, especially when taking in a team comp. Halle also compared Oryx’s current state to that of Amaru and their grapple hook – an awesome tool that can sometimes backfire and end up getting that character killed – and how he could benefit from buffs that decrease weapon loading time and more flawless movement in-game.

For now, Halle mentioned that Oryx’s Steel Wave has been tweaked to where he only loses 5 HP when doing his wall-crashing, which is a nice change from the previous 10 HP hit that was prevalent before. As for the bigger changes, the lead designer mentioned that the studio needs more time when it comes to analyzing Oryx to make changes that make sense, not just making changes for the sake of making changes.

Kali’s buffs will be dropping a little faster than Oryx, according to Halle. The lead designer mentioned that the team is aware that not everyone is super thrilled with Kali’s sniper rifle, so they want to offer her a secondary weapon that is solid enough that it could fully function as a primary gun. “The reason we made Kali is to be an alternative to Thatcher. That cannot work if she’s not played because of her sniper rifle. So we’d rather give her a better secondary and accept that it’s played as a primary to, hopefully, give her more presence in the meta and make her a successful Thatcher alternative.”

Warden has seen his own changes since he arrived, including speed tweaks and shiny new gadgets. Halle mentioned that Ubisoft is in agreement with players that Warden has awful win rates and that he is “too weak and too situational” in his current state. Halle didn’t reveal what specific changes are lined up for Warden, but he did tease a stronger loadout is highly probable. 

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