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Rainbow Six Siege 2 Unlikely, Though Ubisoft Is Planning Next-Gen Support

by Liana Ruppert

Rainbow Six Siege has been out for a few years now, but it’s one title that is definitely not lacking in content. With a constant fluctuation of new operators, maps, and missions, the strategic shooter is far from stale which means a sequel really isn’t necessary at this point and time.

“We don’t want a sequel whatsoever,” said director Alexandre Remy in a new interview with Daily Star when discussing the future of the franchise. “The reason behind this is we don’t want to segregate our community between the different platforms. In an ideal world tomorrow, we’d love players from every platform to be able to play together. We are approaching next-gen with the same spirit.”

He then touched on what next-gen support could look like with so much talk about the PlayStation 5 and Next Xbox recently, “We’ve been asking how can we make the player base of Siege today be able to migrate — if they want to migrate, that is — but also make this cheaper as much as possible or through backwards compatibility. The strength of any multiplayer game is the size of its community, so I do believe that we have to make every effort possible that when next gen comes in, they are treated as a high-end PC versus another PC.”

With Xbox and PlayStation playing more nicely together than they have in the past, who knows? Maybe we’ll even see crossplay and crossprogression in the future as well? 

As for the game itself, Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Ubisoft also has a special presentation planned for E3 this year, perhaps we’ll learn a little more about the future of Siege then. 

Liana Ruppert

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