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PS5 Game Reveals Coming Soon

by Liana Ruppert

We know the specs for the PlayStation 5, we know what the controller looks like, but we don’t know what the system looks like thus far nor do we know more about which PS5 games will be available at, or close to, launch. Luckily, it looks like we’ll be getting a few major PS5 game reveals here soon, at least according to the Official PlayStation Magazine. 

While the current issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine is available now and dives deeper into the specs and the DualSense controller, the latest edition also adds a preview for what’s in store for the next issue that’s coming out on June 2nd. According to the magazine, via PushSquare, the PlayStation 5 logo can be seen with the “it’s coming” tagline. The teaser continues by saying that the next-gen officially kicks off with the upcoming issue as Sony reveals “the latest games coming to PS5, and how they’ll play.”

Given that Sony has a digital showcase planned for May, it looks like that the team over at Sony will be sharing a few new titles – possibly even launch PS5 games – in May’s showcase and then the Official PlayStation Magazine will have an exclusive followup on how they will play and any important tech quirks associated with the upcoming reveal.

While Sony hasn’t given a date yet for the May showcase, rumors have the upcoming event for about Mid-May and we’re hoping that it’s more than just games. Microsoft shared our first look at the Xbox Series X last year during The Game Awards and Sony has been slacking when it comes to what the next generation of PlayStation will look like, though not for a lack of trying. 

With COVID-19’s continued spread and halting of daily life, the team over at Sony was forced to pivot and fast-track much of their marketing. A recent deep-dive dove into the woes of the marketing fast-track and why the DualSense was revealed without the system itself, which has only caused the gaming community to be all the more curious. 

While the potential for some PS5 game reveals is terribly exciting, it’s important to note that we don’t have a clear announcement from Sony yet, which means we don’t have a reveal date or verification at this time about the nature of the reveals. Still, we know many are curious about the next step for the generational console as well as which adventures will be available at launch. 

Which PS5 game reveals are you hoping to see next month? Any particular titles that are an absolute Day One Buy for you? Sound off with your thoughts about telling us all about those PlayStation 5 hopes and dreams by dropping us a line over on Twitter @PrimaGames! You can also catch up on the latest and greatest in terms of PlayStation with our helpful hub right here! 

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