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Pac-Man Has a New Theme Song and the Music Video Rules

You know you're a big deal when you get a theme song just for existing

by Lucas White

Pac-Man’s birthday was over the weekend. This classic arcade gaming icon, one-time savior of Christmas and all-around terrible husband and father is 42 years old. To celebrate, Bandai Namco is tossing out all kinds of weird stuff, such as a new edition of Pac-Man Museum and a bunch of cosmetic items coming soon to Fortnite. But the best part, besides the fact I got to remind you all Pac-Man 2 exists, is that our rotund yellow friend has a new theme song. And the music video accompanying the new official Pac-Man theme kicks ass the way only weird videogame transmedia can.

See? I’m not entirely sure what it means to give a fictional character an overarching official theme song, but there it is. We are Pac-Man is filled to the brim with positive vibes, and we love positive vibes at Prima almost as much as we love a good dodge roll. In this music video, the song We are Pac-Man is performed by Kaho Kidoguchi, a current pop artist in Japan. The song itself was written within Bandai Namco, by Yoshihito Yano and Kazuhito Udetsu.

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If you want to drop from the party bus and do murders in full Pac-Man paraphernalia, you can check out Fortnite starting on June 2, 2022. Pac-Man Museum+ is out this Friday May 27 on every major platform and day one on Xbox Game Pass. Seems weird to throw a party for a 42 anniversary, but we got that bizarre and catchy music video so I’m here for it.

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