Our Lord and Savior Emperor Gaben Drops a 40k Banhammer in Dota 2 Against Cheaters

Blood for the Valve God!

While cheats are a normal thing in single-player games where you are welcome to do whatever you want with your experience in order to make it enjoyable, this practice is in no way welcome in multiplayer (except maybe when you are messing around with your friends locally, with or maybe without their consent if you’re making a prank video for YouTube, who knows) and most multiplayer games have a big problem with cheaters.

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All the Warhammer 40k memes aside, Valve announced that 40k cheaters have tasted the wrath of the Banhammer in Dota 2. This ban wave is pretty big, and the community can relax for a while.

Ban Wave in Dota 2 Results in Over 40 Thousand Cheaters Getting Banned

In an official statement, it was revealed that 40,000 players had used unofficial, third-party software to gain an advantage against other players by obtaining information that they normally wouldn’t have access to if they were playing legitimately (for example, a maphack that would allow you to see the entire map all the time, without the fog of war, radar hack that allows you to see enemy movement on the minimap).

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Furthermore, Valve says that they developed a “honeypot” with their patch, which allowed them to clearly differentiate between legitimate players and cheaters by seeing which type of information they are trying to access. In essence, legitimate players have nothing to be afraid of because an unmodified Dota 2 client will never try to gain access to stuff it is not supposed to.

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We hope that Valve will take further steps to enhance its cheat detection methods and software, not just for Dota 2, but for CS:GO as well, especially if Valve wants to take the next step and move CS:GO to a new engine to keep up with the times…

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