Leaks. They're common, frighteningly so, and offer fans of some of the biggest games out there a look at what's on the horizon. In the case of a possible new Apex Legends character, recently revealed artwork could be the key to learning more about an unannounced Legend. 

A popular datamine find is that the next character to be released into the battle royale game will be Forge. Some information about Forge has been found over the past several weeks, including six Forge-specific moves and his affinity for more hands-on combat. He also really digs wrestling, apparently. 

The recent art reveal however was found by one dataminer in particular, 'That1MiningGuy'. In his find, he found a strong male character that looks like he'd fit the wrestling trope, which has led many to believe this is our first look at Forge beyond just abstract thought and code: 

Given his size and what we've learned about Forge thus far, it looks like the next Apex Legends character to hit the online game will be a Tank class. With so much on the way to Apex Legends, as confirmed by Respawn, it looks like Forge will be one of many new additions to the ever-growing battle royale title. 

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