Valorant took the gaming world by storm even before it fully launched and players are anxious to see where Riot Games goes next with their online shooter. With comparisons drawn from games like Overwatch and CS:GO, the potential for Valorant is high, especially so in the esports scene. That also means the potential for unlimited growth, and that includes new Agents for players to take on. 

Like any game of this caliber, players can choose an Agent based off their skills provided. Each character has a unique set of skills outside of weaponry to master and Riot has confirmed that there are so many more on the way. 

The announcement came via Executive Producer Anna Donlon in a new Dev Diaries episode outlining what's next for the online game. According to Donlon, the dev team aims to release two new episodes each year for Valorant with each episode containing three acts. Each act will be spaced apart by two months and will include a new character per each act. That's a lot of new characters for the year ahead, which means more skills to master and further growth for the title itself. 

When Valorant first launched its closed-beta, fans were clamoring to get into the testing period due to intrigue over Riot Games expanding beyond League of Legends and due to the nature of restrictions on how to get in. Now that it has left that closed-beta stage, many are taking to the map in order to master the skills required to be the best of the best. A big part of that is enjoyment, but also the prediction that this could be the next big thing in esports, which has made Valorant a highly desirable target for those looking to achieve pro status. 

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It will be interesting to see where Valorant goes from here, especially seeing the success witnessed thus far. Riot Games has big plans for this venture, and we're excited to see exactly where their proposed road map leads. 

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