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How to Surrender in Valorant

by Nicholas Barth

Riot Games is now in the first-person shooter genre thanks to the release of its tactical character-based game of Valorant. This competitive game, no doubt, sees plenty of matches where one team is dominating the other team, and no hope of victory is in sight. Perhaps a teammate of yours left early, and your team was down a player the whole match. With this in mind, Riot Games has added a surrender feature that allows teams to throw in the towel and jump into a different game without having to finish out a game that is sure to cause plenty of headaches, especially if things begin to become toxic. 

How to Surrender in Valorant

Players can call for surrender by typing /ff, forfeit, concede or surrender in the game’s chat box in the bottom left-hand corner of their screen. However, all present players on the team must vote yes for surrender to take effect. Each team can call for a potential surrounding of the match once each half. 

Valorant teams can not call for surrender before round eight of the match. Once a surrounding call has been cast, it will open up for voting in the next round unless you call for it early enough in the buy round, which will then allow the vote to take place immediately. 

How to Surrender in Valorant

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Once a surrender has been approved, the winning team will receive a win credit for every round they needed to get to the 13 rounds necessary for a victory. The surrounding team will then receive a loss credit for every round they needed to get to 13 rounds. 

Now, this feature should not be abused and should only be a last resort if a Valorant match gets out of hand. However, it is a nice feature to have to get out of a game that has gone out of control and gets you into a new one that will be a much better experience for everyone involved. 

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