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New Steam Feature Coming Soon Will Allow Local Co-Op

by Liana Ruppert

Sitting on the couch, a plethora of snacks laid out on the table (or floor, no need to be fancy) ahead, playing some good ‘ol fashioned couch co-op. Memories. Also not doable with Steam, at least until now with a new Steam feature called Steam Remote Play Together, a new way to allow PC gamers to play together. 

The Remote Play Together feature coming soon enables local co-op and multiplayer games online with friends. Though it’s not out yet, it is on the way and slated for a beta launch on October 21st. This new rollout was revealed to a select few Steam users and went public when Hidden in Plain Sight developer Adam Spragg shared the email he received from Valve online. 

The highly desired feature will allegedly function with every game that has split-screen, co-op capabilities, just like many console games. With so many Halo games coming to Steam? Yeah, that’s pretty heckin’ sweet. 

With the Epic Games Store continuing on their exclusive hunt, now is the perfect time for Steam to offer a feature like this to encourage player and community involvement and to keep their platform fresh and useful in the eyes of its userbase. 

We’re excited to see Valve make this move but it does pose the question: if you could have any added feature implemented in Steam, what would it be? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames, or myself @DirtyEffinHippy, to tell us your thoughts! 


Liana Ruppert

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