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New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bug is Deleting Player’s Save Data

Uh oh.

by Jesse Vitelli

A new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bug is deleting players save data. Be careful, because if you encounter this bug, that could be it for all of your digital pocket monsters and the journey you’ve been on with them.

During the Pokemon presents on February 27, 2023, The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can now connect with the mobile game Pokemon GO. This update allows players to send postcards to their Scarlet and Violet games from different parts of the world in Pokemon GO.

Update: 3/6/23 3:58 PM ET: In a Resetera Thread, Serebii listed some new information that does not tie the bug directly to syncing with Pokemon GO as initially reported.

New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bug is Deleting Player’s Save Data

Players have been reporting that after syncing the game with Pokemon GO, they have lost significant progress in their Scarlet and Violet games, if not the entirety of their save file.

It’s unclear what exactly is causing this bug, but according to Reddit, it’s happening to players who are syncing the game with Pokemon GO. So if you haven’t done that, it’s best not to until Game Freak issues some sort of fix or update that will stop this from happening.

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Not everyone who has synced this game has this issue, but it’s enough to warn players not to sync their games together now.

Players have tried contacting Nintendo and other support options but have only been met with varying degrees of dead ends.

Kotaku reports that a support agent told one player that they were “looking into it” before the ticket was then marked closed.

While this is the most detrimental bug Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have seen yet, the game has not had the smoothest of launches. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s latest patch was set to fix many of these issues, from messy framerates to funny glitches. However, it seems it’s now created a brand new one for players to contend with.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to release two new DLC packs this year.

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