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New Microsoft Holiday Features Commercial Good Dogs & Master Chief’s Death

by Jesse Vitelli

Microsoft revealed its 2020 holiday advertisement, and too much delight it focuses on cute dogs. The commercial, which can be seen below, shows dogs dreaming a meeting up with their dog friends and playing games together. From flying plans to fighting aliens with Master Chief, it really is something beautiful. 

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However, it does get a little dark when Master Chief throws a grenade, and these good dogs bring it back to him like a game of deadly fetch. Mr. Halo himself didn’t survive the Covenant, a rogue AI, the Flood, the Brutes, and the Forerunners just to be taken out by a Jack Russel Terrier. 

However, here we are, so let’s please pour one out for our homie Master Chief as he needs our help in his time of need. 

One thing this commercial also highlights is how hard Microsoft was going to push Halo Infinite for the launch of the Xbox Series X. The game was delayed only a couple of months ago citing work from home issues, but that doesn’t stop the good ole marketing machine. 

Overall it’s a fun commercial to help get you in the holiday spirit, because who doesn’t love a bunch of good dogs being dogs. In this absurd and challenging year, sometimes it’s nice to just be reminded of cute animals and video games so if you want to turn your brain off for two minutes, we highly recommend watching the ad. 

What do you think of Master Chief’s untimely death by the hands of man’s best friend? Let us know on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages.


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