Halo Infinite is Getting a Playlist of Halo 3 Classics, and a New Mountain Dew-Themed Map

Doing the Dew, forever

Halo Infinite is.. back? Yeah, I’m thinking it’s back. We just got a metric ton of content with the brand-new Season 5, but the gravy train keeps on rollin’ with an upcoming nostalgia-bomb release.

Coming on November 14, following a release of a new flavor of Mountain Dew Game Fuel on November 6, we’re getting a Halo 3-themed playlist of eight new (to Infinite) maps, including a brand-new Mountain Dew-inspired battleground. The maps are as follows (images below via Halo Twitter):

  • Critical Dewpoint (new)
  • Sylvanus
  • Domicile
  • The Pit (exists in-game, palette-swap)
  • Cliffside
  • High Ground
  • Banished Narrows
  • Isolation

Halo vets are no doubt familiar with the franchise’s relationship with The Dew, which has spawned numerous undying memes, including the infamous “Dorito Pope” image of Jeff Keighley. Hell, there have even been Halo-themed Doritos releases, including a chic black Halo 4 bag with a matching Mountain Dew can. In other words, Halo and Mountain Dew go together even better than Death Stranding and Monster Energy.

I have fond memories of each and every one of these maps, including the new one I haven’t even played. I mean, look at that gnarly, radioactive green. It’s just like the real thing! Mountain Dew, I mean.

I’m also really glad we’re getting a Pit redux. The Forge variant that exists in the game now is.. fine. It plays great, obviously, but I’m not a big fan of the weird neo-80’s aesthetic it has going on. I’m glad we’re getting back to basics: a Spartan training ground with all the grit that comes with it.

This update is a great holdover until whenever Firefight modes officially start dropping. Those will begin with Firefight King of the Hill, happening sometime “mid-season,” so we’re crossing our fingers that that means November as well.

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