Halo Infinite Firefight is Almost Here – Everything We Know About Tomorrow’s Release

"I'll come back when they add Firefight"

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Whenever Firefight isn’t available as a playlist in Halo, everybody should ask, “Where’s Firefight?” Well, it’ll be here tomorrow.

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Halo Infinite Firefight Release Date and Details

The first new mode, Firefight: King of the Hill, arrives tomorrow, December 5, along with a hulking patch that includes changes to networking that will be rolled out first in this new (to Infinite) game type. The mode will feature nine maps and grant experience to your Battle Pass and Career Rank.

So what is Firefight? Well, a wave-based PvE experience debuted in Halo: ODST. It sees players co-operatively taking on enemies in what used to be a simple, survive-as-long-as-you-can battle of attrition. But the new Firefight: King of the Hill mode puts a unique twist on things, as you and your friends will instead be charged with occupying random zones on the map and politely removing any enemy forces in the process.

To reiterate, this mode will grant battle pass experience. We have yet to see how much or whether new challenges will be added to accommodate a PvE playstyle, but rest assured that you’ll be making at least some progress toward your next reward while you play.

In addition to the network updates rolling out with the new Firefight game mode, you can bring friends into custom games using the browser! That’s.. certainly a feature I thought was already in the game. But since it wasn’t, thank goodness, it’s in now.

Finally, we got a new trailer, cheekily announced on Twitter in a way that aped Grand Theft Auto VI’s trailer announcement hype. Let it be said that Halo was the first one to do it.

If you’re keen on checking out that Custom Game browser with some friends, check out our Custom Game Battlepass XP guide.

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