How Much Battlepass XP Do Custom Games Grant in Halo Infinite? – Answered

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Season 5 of Halo Infinite, “Reckoning,” is live now! There’s a lot list of changes arriving today, but a more niche (yet still requested) feature is that of experience gains in custom games. 343 Industries gave players the keys to the kingdom with Forge, and with the advent of PvE toolsets arriving today, it seems like the perfect time to let players level their battle passes while they enjoy the new goodies. Here’s how much Battlepass XP you can expect from custom games in Halo Infinite.

Battlepass XP in Halo Infinite Custom Games – How Much Do You Get?

Custom games are capped at a somewhat conservative 120 XP per match. That’s nine custom games to level the Battle Pass once, but comes out to less if you’re willing to burn an XP Token. It’s a small amount, to be sure, but it’s better than nothing if you just want to play some goofy matches with friends. It’s also worth mentioning that custom games can typically be much shorter (or longer) than standard matches, so this is likely in an effort to avoid players’ tendency to create XP farm custom games.

Beyond that, custom games can give a very meaty 7500 XP per day, which resets at the same time as daily challenges (2 PM EST). This is a way higher amount than I would’ve expected if you told me there was an experience cap, but I have a hard time imagining myself doing a whopping 62 games to reach this number in a single day.

One thing to remember is that community-made custom games will begin including PvE elements as Forge creators start getting comfortable with the new tools. What can we expect? MOBA-esque PvEvP? Campaign-like levels? Time will tell, but dang am I excited.

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