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New The Last of Us Part II Story Trailer Arrives Following a “Vicious and Violent Event”

by Liana Ruppert

A new The Last of Us Part II story trailer has arrived and brace for feels because Joel and Ellie are in for a heartbreaking ride. A lot of the player base seems to be divided after a small part of the upcoming sequel was leaked due to hackers, no a Naughty Dog employee as previously rumored, and without context leading up to that narrative decision, the whole picture is lacking and many feel that the studio handled the sequel poorly despite not having the nuance to understand those plot point factors. In an effort to provide a little more nuance for the upcoming emotional ride, the team revealed a new trailer that highlights the rough road ahead for both Joel and Ellie. 

The below trailer shows off both Joel and Ellie as they battle through a swath of carnage and danger, a “vicious and violent event” that will take the pair to Hell and back. While this does show story details, Naughty Dog did a good job at steering away from specific details being shared, keeping the below scene as ambiguous as possible. 

As we mentioned in our previous coverage, for those that want nothing spoiled we recommend not to look at really any social media even remotely relating to this game. As previously mentioned, a two-hour leak divided fans based on a very pivotal plot point, though it was such a small portion of a much bigger picture that we personally felt it was still too soon to judge. The Last of Us is a game built on subtle details and nuance, without that – you have nothing. While some took the leak on the chin and moved on, others feel a weird urge to spoil the experience for others and are selfishly dropping clips in the comments, and with media like Twitter, those clips autoplay before fans have a chance to realise what they are looking at. 

We have also previously mentioned that as a site we cover leaks and rumors quite a bit, which is common in the media publishing space. That being said, this particular leak was so precise and was truly so harmful to the studio – especially following crunch reports – that we as a site made the decision not to give the leak anymore press. While a small step, it is hard to see so much work be spoiled for reasons that are not needed. 

The Last of Us Part II officially arrives on PlayStation 4 on June 19th! If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to scoop up a copy for yourself right here while supporting Prima Games at the same time! Be sure to also mosey on over to our game hub to learn more about the road thus far for The Last of Us sequel!

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